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    Uptown man fatally shot while getting into Uber

    An Uber driver escaped unharmed, but her passenger was fatally shot as he got into her car in Uptown early Monday. A gunman opened fire on the 27-year-old male victim as he entered the rear passenger seat of the woman’s Toyota Camry on the 1200 block of West Leland around 12:45 a.m., according...
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    Uber Tells Racists Passengers to Delete the App

    "Uber will send emails and in-app notifications to its users with the antiracism message..."
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    Delivery Driver carjacked in Wrigleyville

    Woman carjacked in Wrigleyville this morning; charges pending April 18, 2020 Charges are pending after a woman was carjacked in Wrigleyville on Saturday morning, police said. The victim, age 41, told police she was making a delivery when the offender produced a handgun and stole her...
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    System lets users choose their Uber driver based on their SMELL

    Ford files patent for a system that lets users choose their Uber or Lyft cars based on SMELL before accepting a ride Ford filed a patent to let users choose an Uber or Lyft based on the car's smell Users mark certain smells in their account that they consider unacceptable A computer checks the...
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    Dara gives drivers the middle finger (VIDEO)

    The new ad from Uber actually thanks passengers for NOT using the service. No mention is made of the drivers who are out there helping the people who have no choice.
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    Bernie Sanders ends campaign

    Bernie Sanders is ending his second bid for the presidency, the campaign staff was informed on a conference call Wednesday morning.
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    Uber Suspends Riders Over “Public Health Concern”

    Is Uber up to something? Some Uber riders have received messages from Uber indicating that they cannot request a ride because their accounts have been suspended due to a “public health concern.” FTA: As for the City of Philadelphia, spokesperson Mike Dunn says that “the Philadelphia...
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    Lawmakers agree on $2 trillion stimulus bill (includes rideshare drivers)

    "...Under the plan, people making up to $75,000 a year are expected to receive checks for $1,200. " "...Unemployment insurance would also be significantly bolstered for four months by increasing payments and extending the benefit to those who typically do not qualify, such as gig economy...
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    Coronavirus Recession could be Disastrous for Uber and Lyft drivers

    FTA: "Making a living off of ride-share and other platforms was hard enough in a strong economy..." "That would be made worse if the pandemic causes major job losses, sparking an influx of new drivers to turn to the gig economy to make ends meet." "The low-barrier to access for gig work may...
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    Big Storms Coming - And it Don't Mean a Thing

    We have some nasty weather on the way, and as drivers, we would normally be happy to welcome it. Since no one is really going anywhere, it just means we'll be driving in the rain. What are the chances that Uber will feel sorry for us and bless us with some Fake Surge...
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    Lyft Suspends Shared Rides

    “Lyft is pausing Shared rides across all of our markets,” a Lyft spokeswoman said in a statement. “The health and safety of the Lyft community is our top priority, and we’re dedicated to doing what we can to slow the spread of COVID-19. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and base...
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    Not SPAM - Jewel-Osco is immediately hiring at all its locations.

    Moderators: This is not spam - it is a news article which may have some relevance to our fellow struggling drivers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Stores have...
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    Uber and Lyft drivers call for ban on ‘pool’ rides A group that reps for-hire vehicle drivers wants the city to ban “pooled” Uber and Lyft rides to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The Independent Drivers Guild on Monday called for an end to the trips, which...
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    OK, Everybody - Back to Work

    Today's White House press conference: 60% of the population will become infected. Best Case Scenario: "if we do a really good job", Corona will be with us through August There is no way the nation is going to hibernate till the end of summer. The economy and the social order can not survive...
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    Pritzker: All restaurants and bars will close, starting Monday

    Updated 4 minutes ago CHICAGO (WLS) -- Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker has announced that all restaurants and bars will close for inside dining, starting Monday through March 30.
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    Uber Blog: Supporting you during the Coronavirus The uncertainty caused by the coronavirus is being felt across the world. But we know it’s especially concerning for anyone who relies on our platform to make a living. That’s why we are providing financial assistance to anyone who...
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    Uber is closing the hubs

    Starting today - Another last-minute notice from Uber: This is being done to protect Uber employees from the filthy, disease-spreading drivers. I wonder if the employees will still get paid.
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    Opinion: Uber and Lyft are Pushing Drivers into Poverty Opinion: Uber and Lyft are Pushing Drivers into Poverty By Star-Ledger Guest Columnist Edward Escobar Uber has a lucrative business model, but it has one problem: It relies on pushing its drivers...
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    Uber's next experiment: Cutting Driver's Pay

    Uber will begin experimenting next week with a new pricing scheme in 10 U.S. cities aimed at shifting ride-hailing demand away from city centers — and making more off each ride that does originate in an urban core...
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    With Viruses Spreading, 'Sick Day' Program Lets Uber Drivers Recover

    Flu season is in full swing, and many local rideshare drivers cannot afford to take time off. That amounts to a health and safety hazard for drivers and riders alike. LegalRideshare is offering to reimburse drivers for up to 7 consecutive days of lost wages during the month of March if they...