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    Uber posts

    Uber has been promoting posts on Facebook and Twitter promoting their 5star ants. Meanwhile, literally every responding comment to every promoted post bashes conditions for drivers haha But again, sadly, nothing will change. Pax want cheap rides, and americans want a cheap product and will...
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    Renewed my license today.... Overheard 3 different people who were getting their license and couldn't wait to start Ubering LOL. The holiday ants are coming... Lost in all of the pay cuts, is the fact that people are just lazy and irresponsible, not being able to hold a regular job. This is why...
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    Stop driving!!!

    I'm doing my part lol Granted, i will drive Thanksgiving week...
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    High Demand Area

    LOL. Just in case you're struggling to find base fare pings, we have them here! Come, ants! Gotta love Uber lol
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    With the new app.... is anyone else still getting rebound pings on airport drop offs?
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    More fake surge

    Since people like to doubt it lol Look where the surge is strongest - absolutely NOT where people are standing with their app open lol. As always.... strategically placed fake surge, near the area where true surge should be. Didnt SS it, but it started out as 2 separate bubbles... one in...
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    Long trip markers

    Just curious, as I've only seen 45+ and 60+... but, do they go higher?
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    Driver referral bonus

    Uber must be happy with their number of ants lol... its dropped from 400, to 350, to 300 now. Is this personalized? Or does everyone have the same?
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    Boost this weekend?

    My Saturday night boost at 2am in CC, is 1.3x.... I haven't seen anything under 1.9 or 2, in long time. In general, the whole weekend is much lower. Anybody else have lower boost this weekend? And on a side note.... Thursday night bar close tonight with seriously no surge?
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    Instant pay

    Anyone else having problems? My last 3 have failed... all successful on 2nd attempt, a day or 2 later, after messaging Uber... Not a big deal as I'm still getting my money, but... just curious if anyone else is having issues
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    35 for $30... okay.... but, 60 for $35? Lmao
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    Uber as pax today...

    So, i used poo express as a pax in CC this afternoon. Partially being cheap (was $4 compared to $18 for Uber X.... 2 mile ride)... also partially, to see the experience..... Everything is clearly defined, telling pax where they need to walk to for pickup, and where they will be dropped off...
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    Promotions Calendar

    Anybody else have this problem? Its not showing me any upcoming boost - just a blank page
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    I started driving last January. So, this will be my first tax filing with Uber.... Since I'm just organizing everything now and want to have an idea of what to expect.... How did you guys do with Uber? Did you guys get some money back, or basically break even?
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    12 hour limit

    So, for those not aware.. In the driver app, in account... they have your 12 hour driving tracker, so you can keep track of where you're at.
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    Guys.... pay attention when you accept trips!!!!!

    So, i am not driving tonight. We all can see that the city is RED... But, just to see what i would get, I quickly received 5 pings.... 4 of them showed 2x+ surge. Butttttt, 1 ping showed NO SURGE. With everything red as hell, not a white spot to be found anywhere in or around Philly. Same...
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    So, i accepted a pool at 2x surge.... Immediately added 2nd pax before i could stop new requests. Pax #1 is some hot shot dude trying to impress the girl he's with. Going to the Marriot on Filbert, literally 4 or 5 blocks away from pickup spot... So, I pick them up, pax immediately says "we're...
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    The city is deaddddd..... feels like a Tuesday night. Hopefully all of that burb surge is real for you guys.
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    My toughest debate since joining Uber in February - which is the more profitable shift? Thurs late night (like 10-2am ish)..... or friday AM, 5-9.... yes, a lot of factors of course, but, in general.... Ideally would like to work it through. But not really an option
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    Roads now?

    Guys, how are the roads? I'm thinking about banging out this 15 trip for $20 quest tonight (currently at 0 so I'd be out maybe 3 or 4 hours) Have only driven around NE today and I'm still seeing a lot of ice on smaller streets... good amount of black ice too.