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  1. Lolinator

    BMW or Porsche?

    My bfsposting for my lease and lease is up and he wants me to pick between a bmw or porche for uber, what are your thoughts?
  2. Lolinator

    Life beyond rideshare

    Life gets better Sun shines brighter Well wishes to everyone
  3. Lolinator

    Legit advice for driving in winter

    i am going to get my snow tires on tonight. I AM REDY. ARE U??
  4. Lolinator

    Driving time 6 hours rest?

    6 total hours and it resets or 6 solid hours?? What happened to the counter of 12 hour reset???? Help
  5. Lolinator

    Long trip paid me $289.73

    And not only that I got cash tip and BBQ foods lol! Life good!! Kekekke
  6. Lolinator

    Meaning behind your uberpeople alias/nickname?

    Mine was created by my bestie cousins firnds gamertaglol
  7. Lolinator

    I taking a break for laft

    Too many pings that are short Taking breakwater
  8. Lolinator

    How the shatter?

  9. Lolinator

    Uber hub open this weekend??

    Going to add another car Open on Sat?
  10. Lolinator

    Today driving I was cut off 3 times

    I was cut off 3 times and the last one merged into traffic slow enough for me to slam my brakes and I sped up to see day face and the porche sped faster I may release this to YouTube or police because it's wreckless driving I'm going to Canadian tire to get a snow palough installed onto my...
  11. Lolinator

    Pax left a blueberry muffin in caar

    What do you do?
  12. Lolinator

    Do you eat chops in your ride ??

    I never do but some ppl do Do u
  13. Lolinator

    Uber pax wanted to pay me $50 cash to do in my feelings challenge

    I said no because I am not a dance coregrwphics r
  14. Lolinator

    When driving what's your favorite song

    Mines dancing queen with by abba remix with Tiesto
  15. Lolinator

    Average age of a Uber driber

    I red an article that the avg age for an Uber driver is 29.5 I hope to get out by 2019
  16. Lolinator

    uber people my blog feature does not work

    im going to start a blog here however my account shoews an error anyone know?
  17. Lolinator

    Slow drivers in single lane

    What you guys do with slow drivers going 45kms in 60 zone? Honk? Tailgate??
  18. Lolinator

    Time to accept ping? Half bar?

    Rarely do I get a full bar or full line at the bottom of my ping. Usually I get half which is about 3 sexinds How about everyone else?