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  1. Agalito

    Trouble cashing out after last night

    I managed to pull in $320 last night from 6:00pm to about 2:00am. However ever since, I keep getting a message saying unable to cash out, please try again later. I never had this issue before, I've cashed out higher amounts before. What gives Uber?
  2. Agalito

    Called A Fellow Ant for a Jump

    Tonight was a nightmare, my car battery died and would not start outside the theater. IT was 1Am and I ended up ordering an Uber instead of spending 75 for a tow truck to come jump me. When he arrived, I told him to cancel and gave him 25 dollars cash. Thank you my fellow Ant! You saved my...
  3. Agalito

    New Year's Eve Quest

    4 rides for 10 dollars and 11 rides for 35 dollars. What a joke Uber. No point in working tomorrow night.
  4. Agalito

    New Surge, New App

    Seeing that a lot of new cities are getting the new surge, it is only a matter of time before we get it as well. For the most part this will be a lost for long trips and probably a win for short trips. The highest surge I seen with the new surge was +40 for 93 mile trip. Pretty crappy if you ask...
  5. Agalito

    Weekend 2.3x boost only for eats at 2-3am..

    What is this? Boost only applies to eats during the weekend bar hours? That's crazy.
  6. Agalito

    The end is closer than we thought

    It appears Lyft is starting to roll the +$$$ bonus as well instead of a multiplier in some cities. Surges are becoming a little harder to predict lately and hardly last. Quest are starting to become a thing in the Dallas area. Uber and Lyft are being successful at surpressing surge/primetime due...
  7. Agalito

    My pay for Friday and Saturday

    This is how much I usually average driving Friday and Saturday nights :v here's a hint, don't pick up from blonde's or around Kung Fu.. I only accept rides from a few areas in Dallas. I won't disclose those locations but goodluck (: yea, this is on uber X