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  1. PioneerXi

    LA just cancelled Halloween
  2. PioneerXi

    Fortune:Amazon Drivers Hang Phones In Trees game the system.
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    Monday in the San Diego UP forums. Once upon a time, the alarm went off at 4am. Brushed teeth, combed hair, dressed, and out the door. By 4:30am I’m picking up the first ride of the day to the airport. Today, the alarm has been turned off, and I rise when the sunlight breaks through. A casual...
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    I was in Walgreens today and staff were putting up Halloween merchandise. Decorations, candy, kids costumes. Halloween night this year is a Saturday and the last day of daylight savings. I think it was last year that Uber sent out an in app message that Halloween was the second best night of...
  5. PioneerXi

    “What’s Uberspeak for Get The ### Out Of My Car?”

    I drive a black Chevrolet Equinox. It has plates issued by the California DMV on the front and rear, and those plates are not issued to any other vehicle. The vehicle is fitted with an Uber and Lyft sticker on the front and rear windows. I am a caucasian male, 6 foot tall, short brown hair...
  6. PioneerXi

    When California Shuts Down Tonight...

    I’ll be moving over to the Washington DC forum as my UP “home” during the shutdown. What else will we talk about in the San Diego forum with no U/L? Beaches? Wildfires? Weekend trips to Las Vegas? Big breasted long leggy blondes? Nah.
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    ...and Lyft is done.

    May? Oh no, you didn’t send this because you “may” suspend service. GFY Lyft.
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    Judge: Drivers Must Be Immediately Classified as Employees

    Reuter’s link.
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    The Day After PUA $600 ends, I Will...

    ...not be driving right away. And I pray those that do/have returned, make it rain money. Good Luck, I’ll be cheering for you from the grandstands.
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    Uber Pro Extended

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    Cruise: self driving cars for rideshare

    From out of left field.... Rideshare is not my “career”, it’s what I do while caring for an elderly parent. I maintained professional credentials and still teach part time in my field. Late last night I was contacted by a recruiter in relation to a vacancy. They want to chat. The company’s...
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    Drive With Your Miles In Mind

    Oh, it’s a new email from Uber. Let’s see what this about... Holy crap...I better get to a Greenlight Hub. Thank heavens there’s a button to “find a location”. I’ll just press that and.... #morons
  13. PioneerXi

    My First Hooker...I think

    Coming south on the 5 again (thank you Oceanside) in an ill temper because wife called me (at 3pm) to do a job for 5pm. Get the ping, UTC - Santee for $42. $$$ Doing the mental maths of the surge value when I pull into Embassy Suites, La Jolla Village Dve. Standing there is a...
  14. PioneerXi

    Promo: Lower Boost in Surge

    I was driving south on the 5 when on the app I saw a promo ahead. I hadn’t received an email so I clicked on it. I didn’t receive any offers in the zone but the offer screen showed the new fare with the reduced Uber fee.The Uber fee reduction is a misnomer as the reduction is on the entire...
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    Accepted a 2.0 surge that was 7 minutes away... Drove to the pin and countdown started... Insights? What’s insights? Press the insight... Not a scheduled ride. Where did this enticement to hold for an additional 3 minutes come from? Cancelled. The surge factor and destination towards...
  16. PioneerXi

    Lyfts Covid Response

    Email arrived today telling me I can’t go on line with Lyft until I fulfill their Covid Tutorial. (That would be employee training for AB5.) Two video’s, about 7 screenshots of recommendations. Now required to photograph yourself before going on line and affirm your responses. Total time...
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    I got a quest. From Lyft. $200 bonus for 65 rides prior to 0400 next Friday. That’s not a quest, that’s a $3.07 grind per ride. : pass:
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    Uber Driver Addendum 1 June 2020.

    Three new addendums to the driver app arrived this morning. Document 1: Schleuder is the new name for the new platform company. Uber begins referring to driver as the IC and that the relationship doesn’t begin until the driver accepts a request. Section 12 deals with opting out or arbitration...
  19. PioneerXi

    PUA Process

    The system came on line at 0530 this morning. Time to complete, about 20 minutes. This was about 10 minutes longer than needed as I couldn’t get one of the menus to accept a document number, and I had to search through a poor menu paging system to find a category which correlated with...
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    Comic Con is Done

    Inside source reports Comic Com has been cancelled but the organizing authority is trying to work out how to repay all the tickets and fees.