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  1. CJfrom619

    Uber scheduled pickup?

    So I just opened app and immediately popped up an offer for a scheduled pickup? I’ve never seen one before now. Has anyone got an offer like this before? I remember awhile back the Uber app letting you favorite a driver but this was the first offer I received. Anyone get one of these before?
  2. CJfrom619

    Question? Stay home for $500? Or work for $750?

    With them cutting benefits down it got me thinking about the situation alot of people might be I have a question? Would you stay at home for $500? Or work a 40 hour week for $750? And if not what would the compensation have to be in order to work a full week?
  3. CJfrom619

    $1k in 1 day!

    Just put in my best day ever boys. Drove 12 hours and gave 29 rides for $1065 in earnings. First ride was at 12pm and dropped off last rider a 6am. I’ve had harder $300 days then the one I just had. I had $1k in my mind since I put in that $750 last Sunday so I figured the 4th would be a good...
  4. CJfrom619

    Setting your own surge!

    So they just rolled this out where Im option to set your own surge rate for rides! So basically you can set a surge from 1.1x all the up to 5.0 and only receive requests that give you your requested surge rate. First time Ive seen anything like this. Not sure how this is gonna go but...
  5. CJfrom619

    Auto pricing? Set fare?

    I just saw this in my app and was wondering what is was? I think I heard about this beore but don’t know what this is or how it works. Anyone know?
  6. CJfrom619

    Will it get any better then right now?

    Its official. Surge is back and better then ever here. Who's know how long this will last? My guess is till then end of July when drivers start heading back in August but for the time being...surge is back and requests are flying in! This last month and maybe the next month will be the best...
  7. CJfrom619

    What is this?

    I think I’ll pass on this one. Normally don’t even look if the request is under $15 but the 0.01 miles is what caught my eye. Where were they going? Across the street. Crazy to think someone actually took this ride.
  8. CJfrom619

    Demand Increase!

    I noticed since the beginning of the week that the delivery demand has gone up alot since the stimulus checks went out. Im sure demand should stay fairly good for atleast the next week or two. Has anyone else noticed this in the last few days. This was the first day I was able to hit $200 just...
  9. CJfrom619

    Getting compensated!

    Just came across this on the web that talks about the recent independent contractor decision thats going on. Does anyone know if a decision has been made and whats steps if any drivers need to take in order to get compensated?
  10. CJfrom619

    App update

    Just saw yesterday that they updated the Uber driver app to include the AR and CR on the same screen as your rating. Im assuming this has to do with them adding the gold and diamond status for drivers in San Diego. Does anyone know if there adding this in our market?
  11. CJfrom619

    I refused a cash tip!

    And it felt good. First and maybe only time I’ll turn down a cash tip. Im someone who is grateful if a rider gives me .50 cents in quarters as a tip because thats .50 cents more then most riders tip. This was my first pickup of the day. She was an older lady with a 4.96 rating so I thought it...
  12. CJfrom619

    Close Call.

    I had a close call earlier today with a daytime puker. Thought i would share it here. Got a pickup from La Jolla cove earlier today around 4:30. It was a nice out of town couple headed to Coronado. I was thinking nice ride for about $25. The ride was quiet until 15 minutes into when i hear the...
  13. CJfrom619

    Strip Clubs

    Some of you who have been around a while will remember my first post about this topic a few years ago. I want to bring it up again since im sure theres a few drivers who dont know this trick. When you drop off at a strip clup in San Diego ( Pacers, Cheetahs etc.)...the club will give you $5 a...
  14. CJfrom619

    SAN lot is moving again

    Saw this at the queue this weekend posted on the porta potty’ classy. Looks like their moving the queue again. Hopefully better then the current location.
  15. CJfrom619

    Pool Tippers?

    This is the first time i can remember in all my pool rides where both riders ended up tipping me. I get tipped from pool riders mostly on a single person ride but this is the first time i can remember that both kicked down after the ride.
  16. CJfrom619

    Baseball is back!

    Baseball starts on Thursday with a home weekend series against the SF Giants. All these games should be close to sell outs. Alot of rides going to the games especially if you live 20 miles plus from Petco is always a good start to the day. With Machado signing and the farm system things are...
  17. CJfrom619

    Merry Christmas to all my SD drivers

    Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone hear has a great Christmas with friends and family. I will be taking the day off to enjoy the holiday but to those driving today stay safe and good luck. Its been a good year on the forum telling stories and advice. I’ll be looking forward to making new...
  18. CJfrom619

    Uber new rewards program

    Uber is testing a new rewards program with savings on gas and potentially a 3-6% increase in fares but drivers have to meet a 4.85 rating and under a 4% cancellation rate. Better then there last rewards program but I don’t think 6% increase in fare is gonna get me to keep my cancellation rate...
  19. CJfrom619

    Can anyone translate?

    I got my Lyft report today with 1 negative rating and this gem of a feedback...still trying to figure it out. Can anyone translate?
  20. CJfrom619

    You have legs right?

    I pickup guy and his gf from infront of 7-11 on Cedar street and was suprised to see where they were headed. When I went to confirm the address the dude says “yea we don’t walk”???..and your lame ass doesn’t tip either.