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    WTH UBER! Anyone else had this?

    So I go to my earnings and see a decent amount missing so I contact Uber. This is respond I got. Is this even legit to do? Every single pax verifies their name before entering my car. This isn’t a $10 fare. It’s $68 and wasn’t a 5 min trip. I remember this trip too. It was from a week ago and...
  2. BkS

    Tip and rate sign

    I’ve taken an Uber recently and he had a very well put together sign about tipping & rating. How many of you have it and how many have seen an increase in tips?
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    Uber driver with pax hit my car and left

    Any way to contact Uber to report their drivers? I was driving on a highway in stop and go traffic. A TLC Uber rear ended me. When I came out and called 911 he took pics of my car and said my passenger is late for their flight, I am leaving and he left. Luckily dispatch heard this and I did...
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    Stay away from Jersey Gardens

    Madness at jersey gardens. Stay away. Shooting confirmed
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    Network connection error.

    Anyone else at Ewr with network connection error? Is someone use a cell block? Never ever have issues at the lot. Always have full or semi full signal and now it goes from no service to 1 bar. Provider issue or scammer issue?
  6. BkS

    CT better then NJ?

    Considering changing area of ubering. Been working in NJ for a while and able to do CT as well. I live directly between them so commute is the same. Worth it or not?
  7. BkS

    Airport Ban

    Anyone had success get reinstated to pick up at airports again? I got banned from airport pickup and drops off because of cancellations they claim. They claim it’s permanent but hoping someone can recommend advice
  8. BkS

    Airport Block.

    So after 1 warning I got blocked from doing airport trips. Even though it says permanently, anyone had any success fighting this? I cancelled on one jerk yesterday because he was rude and obnoxious and I didn’t wish to drive him.
  9. BkS

    New app issues

    Anyone else having constant glitches? For ex I’ll be in ewr queue and app will reboot and kick me off. Half the time it freezes too. I’ll get ping and can’t accept cause while thing if frozen and pings eventually gets cancelled. Updated to latest version.
  10. BkS

    Stupid Q but fubers giving me diff answers

    Before never had issue but with all new changes Uber won’t give me normal answer or will give me 2 diff ones. Insurance expires this Saturday. I have new card. They said if I upload it now I won’t be able to drive till sat. Don’t rem this from previous years. Total brain block. Do I upload...
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    Complete BS

    This earnings and payout BS is really annoying. I can’t even send them a message cause it says error. Called and they said 24-48 hours. What kind of crap is this? How are we supposed to pay our bills when they won’t pay us. Does everyone have this issue or is it just some? I know it’s a...
  12. BkS

    Does this mean pax dispute?

    So it’s showing me a ride payout is pending. This was from 4 days ago. I got paid for it and it was a nice one too with big surge. Is the pax disputing? Usually I know it will say pending right after ending the ride while it calculates and can take a day or 2 if it’s a pricey trip but 4 days later?
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    Fake 45 min+ long trip

    Sitting in EWR queue and get a 45 min + long trip XL. I take it and next thing I know I’m going to jersey city. Glitch or scam?
  14. BkS

    Expected flood of new NJ drivers

    So now that NY is approving the new ride share bill, does that mean we will get even more flooded then we already are? Considering we are only a bridge away, how do we get protected? Everyone now who can’t fuber in NYC will come to our neck of the woods
  15. BkS

    Pax took my property

    Pax asked to use my iPhone charger. Upon dropping off pax, as I drove away, I reach in backseat to get my charger and it’s gone. Is this something I can claim woth uber? Damn it was a pretty good expensive charger too.
  16. BkS

    Destination Filter

    So my last post i had got me thinking. How do you all do destination filtering without destination discrimination? We obviously can’t call and ask so how do you guys filter good trips from bad
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    Pax tried to get me deactivated

    So I had a xl ping last night and called pax to seewhere they are cause I didn’t see them. They tell me they have an extra person and ask if it’s ok and they will take care of me. I kindly declined and cancelled. Next thing I know I get this (see attached) from Uber. Now a pax can do this to...
  18. BkS

    When pax tells you 5 stars you will get but you don’t

    I’m so fed up with this rating BS. Takes forever to go up a point but with 1 4star rating you go down. Pax leave car, happy and thankful and promise to give 5 stars and then bam you get 3/4 stars seconds later and no tip . Like wtf
  19. BkS

    Anyone else having this issue?

    Is this a glitch with system? Anyone else? Calling them now obv but just wondering
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    Fare adjustment

    These bozos adjusted one of my fares for some bs reason. I used waze to go around traffic and got pax to destination 15 min faster then sitting in traffic but distance was longer. How successfully can I dispute this crap? Are they a**holes with this? Never had this happen.