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  1. Lost In Translation

    The end of surge in San Francisco?

    Starting in July, surge payments to drivers have dried up completely in San Francisco. Areas that in the past were known to surge at certain times of the day or night are no longer surging. I only see surge at 2 AM for about 7 minutes because the bars are closing. But commute based surge is...
  2. Lost In Translation

    Slow Week

    Ahhh, I see. I hate how if am reading posts in a group like San Francisco and at the bottom they show me posts on similar topics from outside the forum I am reading. That's how I ended up reading irrelevant posts from halfway around the world.
  3. Lost In Translation

    Slow Week

    Let's see... you posted this TODAY, TODAY is Friday the 15th of July, and you are telling us all that Friday has been amazing. You must be a clarvioent.
  4. Lost In Translation

    Tough week for you guys????

    Are you driving UberX or Uber XL?? My best week ever was only $1,700 driving UberX.
  5. Lost In Translation

    SFO Staging Lot - Clicks & Sneaky Drivers

    You can check on the airport waiting time BEFORE heading to any airport. Click on the Black Circle and up pops the waiting time. Under 25 minutes I head there. Over I don't bother.
  6. Lost In Translation

    1000 Referral Killed SF lol

    Nice to know it isn't my imagination. 1 year driving for Uber and over 4,000 trips delivered. My income is off by $500 a week since first of July. $1,200 weeks are now $750 weeks. With all the incentives. I used to be able to get $200 days easily. Now I am driving my ass off for $100-$125 a...
  7. Lost In Translation

    How...your looks/car affect your tips...

    In San Francisco, I tried TripCam. A tablet and mount in the back seat, with headlines from the NY Times, Weather, Games, and some shitty local events. I could even try to sell ads for $1 a day. The device has a card reader and literally flashes a box throughout the ride asking if passengers...
  8. Lost In Translation

    How...your looks/car affect your tips...

    We are needy. We work for peanuts.
  9. Lost In Translation

    I am stupid . . .

    YOU ARE CORRECT! I AM THE IDIOT. If i could erase my post I would . . .
  10. Lost In Translation

    New Decals

    I'd like to see this setup. How are you using Bluetooth to put up and take down the logo.
  11. Lost In Translation

    Need a little more info on the hourly guarantees

    Why would you not accept a ping while driving a passenger? That advanced pinging is an Uber feature, designed to keep you busy. It is generally good for you and you should accept the ping if it is one you would normally accept. You must be careful on Uber X multiple stop trips to change the...
  12. Lost In Translation

    New Decals

    You are doing it incorrectly. Mount the decal on the OUTSIDE of the window.
  13. Lost In Translation

    New Decals

    I will soon be selling special decals that can be mounted INSIDE the car, with the Uber lettering facing out. Put them up and take them down as many times as you want. No glue. $18 a pair, free shipping. Should have pictures up and an Etsy web store up by the end of next week.
  14. Lost In Translation

    New Decals

    Obviously, you did not read or follow the instructions. MOUNT THE STICKER ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE CAR. You did it wrong, got fined, and tough luck. Not Uber's fault. The instructions are clear. If you can't read, there are pictures.
  15. Lost In Translation

    placement uber dress code for the rear

    GUYS! The stickers go on the OUTSIDE of the window, with the word UBER visible. I was at SFO staging today and 95% of you are doing it wrong. The instructions are clear. Mount it on the outside. If someone jacks it (can't imagine why, though), get another one from Uber, they are free. AGAIN...
  16. Lost In Translation

    Can I use a rental car on Uber's platform?

    Check out Daly City Auto Repair. Good old fashioned family run business. Consistent 5-star reviews on Yelp. You don't need to go to Napa to find a good honest shop.
  17. Lost In Translation

    Need a little more info on the hourly guarantees

    Why would you NOT accept the guarantee? All acceptance means is that Uber will process your rides and pay you more money if you meet the requirements. There is no penalty if you don't qualify or end up earning more than the guarantee.
  18. Lost In Translation

    Hourly Guarantees are a SCAM

    Why are you helping Uber X cheapskates with luggage? They get no help from me. They get a safe ride from point A to point B. Nothing more. Wake up. Unless you are getting a lot of tips for the extra service, stop being a doormat. If they want help with their luggage, they can use an Uber XL and...
  19. Lost In Translation

    I am stupid . . .

    The Uber Stickers go on the INSIDE of the Window with the words UBER facing INTO THE VEHICLE and the Chinese Coin logo facing out.. I got it all wrong. I am feeling stupid.
  20. Lost In Translation

    Stupid Questions Every Pax Asks. (join the fun...)

    PAX (calling me after I pull up on 16th Ave): I don't know how the pin got on 16th Avenue and Clement. I am on the corner of 12th and California. Can you come get me? ME: I can come get you. Can I start your ride now? PAX: I wish you wouldn't. ME: I wish you'd learn how to use the app. PAX: OK...