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  1. Fargle

    Where and how to put dashcam stickers

    Where do you put your stickers alerting pax to the presence of a dashcam? On the windows facing out? Windows facing in? Both? On some surface inside other than the windows? It's tricky for me because I usually roll down the windows a few inches to start the "I'm so-and-so. What's your...
  2. Fargle

    Uber's 1099 import is knackered

    So, I'm doing my taxes with Turbotax and got to the part where I import 1099 stuff directly from Uber. Yipee! Can't connect right now Uber The 1099 import service for Uber is currently unavailable. Please try your import again on February 12, 2020 at 5:00PM PT. Try getting this form...
  3. Fargle

    Download or capture entire thread

    How can I download or capture an entire thread from the Uber driver app support messages? I've seen some very long images that do this, but I can't figure out anything other than single screenshots for doing this. I'd rather not have to stitch multiple screenshots together to get something...
  4. Fargle

    Georgia bill HB74 to prohibit rideshare companies from prohibiting lawful carry of weapons

    I haven't yet seen this pop up here, so here it goes: In the 2019-2020 legislation session in the state of Georgia is bill HB74. Its title reads as follows: Ride share network services and transportation referral services; disallowing ride share drivers who are weapons carry license holders...
  5. Fargle

    Navigation Voices

    Maybe it's just me, but I think that Uber's navigation voice sounds like a six year old girl from the Bronx talking with her finger up her nose. Uber must think that I love listening to that, so it constantly turns back on voice navigation.
  6. Fargle

    Driving into Canada from US

    Got a ping to pick up someone at the Bellingham WA airport. Immediately I got a text asking if I could go into Canada. I said that I'd go as far as the border because I don't have the right papers to work in Canada. I was rather surprised that according to this pax, Uber booked a cross-border...
  7. Fargle

    Removable partitions?

    Every now and then someone mentions partitions that taxis often have separating the driver from the passengers. Has anyone here seriously looked into getting them?
  8. Fargle

    Back seat driving is perfectly okay?

    I've recently come across a few drivers who seem to think that if a pax engages in back-seat driving, then that's perfectly okay and the driver should take it with a smile. Running this by some people in meatspace who have decades of experience dealing with customers, the consensus I got was...
  9. Fargle

    Salami-slicing suspected

    After fighting with Uber about some cancel fees that I should have received, I resolved to write down in a paper logbook date/time, odometer reading, rider name, pickup location, dropoff location, drive time, wait time, mileage, tip, long-pickup fee, supplement, cleanup, and whatever else comes...
  10. Fargle

    Auto-translated Spanish gibberish

    Has anyone noticed support staff names with Spanish names writing stuff that appears to be drunkenly dictated in Spanish and then Google-translated into English? If I mentally semi-translate it back to Spanish, it's still gibberish. Offhand I can't think of a language with that sort of...
  11. Fargle

    Unemployment for medical reasons

    I know someone who obtains all of her income from driving for Uber and will be going in for surgery that will keep her from driving for about six to eight weeks. Can unemployment insurance be claimed on this? The person in question lives in Washington state.
  12. Fargle

    I like your air freshener.

    This really happened a few hours ago. Pax: I like your air freshener. What is it? Me: Ben Gay
  13. Fargle

    Persistent bad smells with no obvious source

    What do you do when someone stinks up your car such that the smell lingers after you dose the interior with Ozium and the next rider smells the stink? Complication: there's no residue like bits of barf, turds, pee, food, etc which could be perpetuating the smell.
  14. Fargle


    Carjacked... or at least it was a very accurate imitation of one. I was stopped at a light when a drunk walked into traffic, opened the front passenger door before I could get to the lock button, and tried to get in. I told him repeatedly to get out, then pepper-sprayed him when he refused...
  15. Fargle

    Threats from bouncers/cop-wannabes

    I'm having repeated trouble with bouncers at The Royal nightclub in Bellingham WA. They seem to think they get to tell Uber/Lyft drivers that they can't pick up riders in front of the club. They have no parking lot. It's just the street, part of which they block off with orange cones...
  16. Fargle

    Hostile and potentially violent bouncers at The Royal

    Over the past year, bouncers at The Royal have occasionally harassed me with oblique threats of violence for picking up paxen in front of that club. They somehow (the owner?) think that they're empowered to police a public road and put orange cones and bollards in the road. Usually they'd do...
  17. Fargle

    Pax open container and police

    Last week I caught someone, again, exiting my car while carrying an open container (beer can) that was snuck in. This got me wondering what to do if I'm pulled over and the cop sees a pax with an open container. Has anyone had to deal with this?
  18. Fargle

    Smelly paxen who blame the driver

    Twice over two weeks I've gotten paxen who farted in my car and proceeded to give me dings for car smell. Anyone else have this happen?
  19. Fargle

    Subpoena Uber over rider damage

    A few days ago a rider caused around $2000 worth of damage to my car. My insurance company has been notified and the ball is rolling as a not-at-fault claim. Yes, I have the correct ridesharing policy. I'm thinking that perhaps I'll be left on my own to recover the deductable in small-claims...
  20. Fargle

    Amazon's Last Mile

    Here's long and fairly thorough article on Flex, Amazon's abuses, etc.