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  1. Stugotz790

    I forgot what today was

    I’m sure a lot of people have forgotten today is St Patrick’s Day. Obviously LA County won’t any gatherings for the low-lifers trying to get drunk for a holiday they know nothing about. But what about the OC? Will OC bars and restaurants operate tonight? I did see this article from today about...
  2. Stugotz790

    Do not

    - Accept POOL rides - Accept minimum fare rides. Your life isn’t worth having 20+ pax in your car for $2.62. “Wash your hands and wash your butt” - Davante Adams My headline:
  3. Stugotz790


    It’s the trifecta - the superant staging at the Hollywood Roosevelt. I bet one of you has been morphed into his monster.
  4. Stugotz790

    Incompetent, not understanding Support overseas wins

    I hate overseas support. They’re the worst. Trained robots is what they are.
  5. Stugotz790

    Covid RIP NBA Season

  6. Stugotz790

    Hey Uber

    @@@@ you. @@@@ all of you POS who can’t make their app work correctly. Technology company my ass. You deserved to be sued for lost wages. But of course, you don’t care.
  7. Stugotz790

    Goodbye PIN system?

    It’s 9:25am & the pin system is off. Is this the return of LAX like we once knew?
  8. Stugotz790

    Premium included

    I guess today is one of the rollout days for “premium” included. I had a $6 premium around 7am earlier that I didn’t screenshot. Is everyone getting it today or will it be a slow rollout?
  9. Stugotz790

    If you make me wait

    If you’re getting charged wait time, I believe you deserve to be long-hauled because obviously you’re in no hurry, or else you would’ve been outside within 2 minutes. I’m taking the route I want. Agree or disagree?
  10. Stugotz790

    Gone fishing

    I must be fishing for rides in the ocean. I refuse to pick up sharks requesting rides. I only accept rides from tuna, shrimp, and salmon. Or I could be drowning. I don’t know, I can’t swim.
  11. Stugotz790

    UP posts

    Why has UP disabled all features for the text box? I noticed it weeks ago. Is anyone having the same problem?
  12. Stugotz790


    Hey new member @Hellothereguyz Stop bringing up obscure UP posts from 5 years ago. Sincerely, All LA/OC UP members.
  13. Stugotz790

    So I guess $5 isn’t the max

    Everyone has been said that the maximum tip amount you can receive is $5. I haven’t taken an Uber ride myself, so I couldn’t speak from that perspective. But I did believe that $5 was the most you can tip since that’s the most I’ve gotten in the past month, and getting $1 tips on airport rides...
  14. Stugotz790

    Mike, guess what day it is?

    HUMP DAY!! How pathetic were your earnings today? I went $153 in 12 hours 😭
  15. Stugotz790

    New night time map?

    Just opened the app and saw the night time map is different.
  16. Stugotz790

    Super Bowl 2020: Who you got?

    It doesn’t feel like Super Bowl week with the passing of Kobe Bryant. Who do you think will win the Super Bowl? After watching my Packers get manhandled by San Fran, I believe the Niners will run all over KC & win 41-31 over the Chiefs. I am rooting for Patrick Mahomes & the Chiefs though.
  17. Stugotz790

    A great Sunday morning has turned into a nightmare.

    Completed 3 rides this morning for $97. Then Uber kicks me off the app and puts my account on hold because I “appeared to be under the influence”. That is complete BS and now I’m done for the day. I have no idea why someone would think that - my driving this morning was great, I was nice &...
  18. Stugotz790

    I didn’t deserve this.

    Have you ever received a tip from a pax where you felt that you didn’t deserve the tip? My previous ride was from Irvine to LAX with my gas tank that had less than 60 miles left. Once I dropped off that pax, LAX was surging at a 2.5x, and I only had 10 minutes left of being online for the day...
  19. Stugotz790

    What does it mean?

    Does anyone know why some cars on the Uber Rider app have a red line near their trunk, and others don’t? I took a screenshot of 2 cars next to each other - one with no red line, and one with the red line in the back.
  20. Stugotz790

    I hate you

    It appears that there are two new drivers near where I live (Rancho) that just stage at their home (like I do) as I have my DF on for LAX. Their existence have ruined a strategy of mine.