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    Lyft Lowers Express Drive Rates

    Can any express or non - express drive earners confirm that their earnings are now this bad? Lyft is taking over 40% of the fare in my area now. Please see screenshot attached.
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    Use express drive car for Uber?

    hi all, I know it's against the "rules" but has anyone gotten their express drive car approve to drive with Uber? They said if you get caught using it for any other business purpose then they will deactivate you. But I don't know how I would get caught - sans getting into an accident while...
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    San Francisco - What are your weekly goals/"pdb" bonuses?

    Hi all, I'm returning to the grind of driving: What are your current weekly "goals/bonuses" right now? I'm interested in driving only for Lyft this time around. Thanks
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    Got into an accident: hit and run - quick question

    Hi, So dude plowed into me and took off, didn't get a great description and after I tried to chase him (and failed) two cops on the side of the road told me that filing a police report wouldn't be worth it. I had PAX in the car, who reported to uber that we were in an accident before I was...
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    Got in an accident what should I do

    Got in a fender bender over near battery Saturday night (frustrated af during that back up...giants game?) Anyway, sideswiped a woman's Mercedes, mostly bumper damage but might still be 2k worth due to cost of the car. This was during a ride, the passenger canceled the ride and there is no...