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    Covid-19 New world order is HERE. Wake up!!

    Under the smokescreen of a HOAX pandemic smokescreen the unravelling of the Jew World Order is upon us and it couldn't be more in our faces. Sadly people are SHEEP and the TV and mass Jew Media is the SHEPHERD. The Lord gave us a brain... USE IT... or the media bullshit WILL
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    Looking at the BIGGER picture.

    The Virus is a distraction to what's to come. Collapse of Global central banks. Mandatory vaccinations for a virus that was a mere seasonal flu/cold. Bio chipping. Implementation of 5G, 60ghz bandwidth that WILL affect every living creature. It's symptoms include respitory problems as it's...
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    Moronavirus is an infectious disease mainly affecting dupes and low-IQ individuals who have lost critical thinking abilities. It turns otherwise decent people into dangerous carriers of disinformation. Moronavirus appears to be highly contagious. It is being spread over TV and internet...
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    No Win with Uber, Points, Ratings Etc

    Somehow my rating has slid from being 99% to 93%, cancellations at 4% and now I've gone from Gold to Blue so don't get to see direction and distance approximately. I'm really starting to believe this is a no win situation.
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    Infants Under 8 dilemma.... Again!!!

    Request to pick up on Terrace road CBD, I see pram coming towards me. I said sorry but you need a child seat. He argues that uber and ola can carry an infant without a seat. I declined, obviously feeling bad. Was I right or wrong?
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    What is PVT O-CD Document

    Can anyone help me out. What is thisdocument in plain English. FFS Uber/Dot.
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    Vehicle hire

    Hi can anyone steer me in the direction of the best vehicle hire places, whether they include insurance etc. Thanks
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    Ubers Alogorithmic Pax Matching
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    Uber Pool, got cancellation fee under 5 mins.

    I accepted a Uber pool job, rating 4.23. Yes, 4.23 and as I arrive got cancelled, under 5 mins. Got $3.12 cancellation. 1568195937
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    Ubers deception and manipulation.

    As much as I enjoy this job, but anyone with half a brain will notice their carrot being dangled to turn you into a modern day slave. Regards seeing the destination direction and length of trip is handy, especially at the airport at 2am in the morning is handy, we have to use it only when...
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    Requests showing length and direction not working

    Hey fellow drivers have noticed as a pro (not really)lol the system wasn't working last night. Any of you find the same?
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    Uber Pro. WTF. Up your Uber

    Shove it where the sun doesn't shine Uber you manipulative scumbags.
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    Perth, a dying city.

    Businesses folding, restaurants closing, unemployment sky high. Not even Hungry Jack's open 24 hours any more. Time to move on to another shit hole city in this shit hole country.
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    Reduce the sticker size Uber

    About 4 times bigger than it should be. Pathetic
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    Uber mantatory Course

    Hey are you all having fun doing this common sense course.
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    $5 for 3, etc promotion areas

    Guys and ladies. I did a few of these last night. But you get hit with low ratings and they're far too. Got abused by some drunk fella said I took 45 mins to get to him when I took 8 mins to get to him. 4.19 rating. So don't be fooled by this offer. Can work well if they within a reasonable...
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    Tunnel Closure Friday Nights

    Why on earth has main roads got to close tunnel on Friday nights. Surely anyone with half a brain would close it on Monday - Thursday. Friday and Saturday nights the busiest. FFSakes.!!