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  1. CJfrom619

    I Broke my Wrist Tonight Delivering Pizza !

    And this is why I don’t deliver pizza and do Uber. You see how this works both ways lol. Got em.
  2. CJfrom619

    A whole $15 for 60 rides. Wow

    Heres what my promotions have been for over a year. Haven’t had a single quest or extra money offer in over a year.
  3. CJfrom619

    $50 for a "small favor"

    What we were all hoping for lol.
  4. CJfrom619

    Got to love those rider comments.

    I feel you man. Im not a fan of small talk. I love a good conversation but a real one not a forced conversation while it seems like were reading from a script. I hate that. Sometimes you pick up people that you know that conversation is gonna be real and stimulating. Those are great especially...
  5. CJfrom619

    Got to love those rider comments.

    Probably because your quiet and stay to yourself. Im just assuming here with that few amount of comments.
  6. CJfrom619

    It finally happened, I likely killed a raccoon.

    Unfortunate part of driving but it happens. In the last 5 years alone I’ve hit probably 4 or 5 possums and a few years ago I hit a cat. I always feel terrible about it because I love animals and I don’t like to kill even insects or spiders...they don’t bug me so I don’t try to bug them. I still...
  7. CJfrom619

    How to avoid a ride without affecting your acceptance rate

    Your talking to someone who’s given more rides then I can count and have been doing this for over 6 years. That’s why I asked if you were a rookie falling for the easiest of Uber tricks? It has nothing to do with Uber trying to withhold requests from a driver as a form of punishment. It’s...
  8. CJfrom619

    How to avoid a ride without affecting your acceptance rate

    I guess there strategy works because they got drivers like @The Gift of Fish taking these threats seriously that they start to influence their decisions ultimately playing right into there hands. Ive had a 1 percent acceptance rate. I’ll repeat Acceptance rate is irrelevant.
  9. CJfrom619

    How to avoid a ride without affecting your acceptance rate

    Yea that makes sense? So they just stop sending you rides after they threaten you??? Because they want you to sit in your car not making them any money? Makes sense? Why else does someone threaten another? To make them do what they want. I’ve gotten many warnings from Uber and Lyft about...
  10. CJfrom619

    How to avoid a ride without affecting your acceptance rate

    Cmon man are you a rookie?? Uber is widely known for sending threats and thats all they are is threats. They send you these messages to scare you into driving they way they want you too. Apparently the trick works on some and that’s why they do it.
  11. CJfrom619

    How to avoid a ride without affecting your acceptance rate

    Thats all speculation on your part. You do not know that to be true.
  12. CJfrom619

    How to avoid a ride without affecting your acceptance rate

    Lol how silly? Why would anyone care about acceptance rate? It’s absolutely irrelevant.
  13. CJfrom619

    Anyone else making $3000 a week driving with Uber?

    That is great. Putting in a 100 hour in a week is a hell of an accomplishment. I can tell by your response you’ve never worked 50 in a week. It’s sad how some try to put down someone who works hard and makes money while doing it. 1599489108 Some just can’t do simple math and then blame the math...
  14. CJfrom619

    Do you get rich by doing UE or Uber?

    Cocaine and hookers??? What is this lifestyle you speak of?
  15. CJfrom619

    Uber's Prop 22 Earnings Guarantee Explained By A Driver

    You mean Uber will make it sound like one thing when your really getting something entirely different?? Sounds like what they’ve been doing from the beginning. There a master at word play for those who don’t seem to read the fine print.
  16. CJfrom619

    1st trip didn’t go well

    I agree but if you have sound notifications turned off it is very easy to miss and even with sound on it makes a quick 1 second sound that can go unnoticed. I drive without sound on so it might take me a few seconds to catch on sometimes.
  17. CJfrom619

    Estimated vs. Actual Minutes for Deliveries

    That’s weird because most of my deliveries take less then the estimated time but I only pick up from places that I know are quick and efficient to save time.
  18. CJfrom619

    Anyone think the "includes expected tip" change could be better?

    This feature kind of sucks for those who deliver cash tips. Anytime I order UE I always tip in cash but I’m guessing it will just take more time to het my food now.
  19. CJfrom619

    Very annoyed at a restaurant on UE order.

    Don’t answer your phone next time. Who cares if there order is messed up. Not your problem.