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  1. nick caronn

    Uber Vs. Lyft

    Although the two platforms are close I have found many reasons to primarily drive for Uber. Another big one I forgot to mention is the fact that when you cancel a trip on Uber, they can no longer call you, instantly. On lyft, after you cancel a ride, they can still call you and obviously at that...
  2. nick caronn

    People always talk about the craziest stuff

    I had a guy off his best price for a butt cheek tattoo, an Obama impersonator, and some awesomely drunk folks. Another wild night in the A
  3. nick caronn

    My craziest Drunken UBER : o - 4 Years of Driving

    It's been a wild one, and this is a super wild one!
  4. nick caronn

    I drove around Atlanta with my GoPro last night, enjoy.

    Just one night of action, people would be mind blown at what we see in any given regular week! :D:D:D:po_O
  5. nick caronn

    I got BIT!...After 4 Years of Uber I have A LOT of crazy stories... Time for my tell all! :)

    This is the first of many in a series to share some of my Uber experience. Its been a wild 4 years, I hope you all enjoy, thanks!
  6. nick caronn

    Are you making the most out of each trip?

    What's up everyone! I have had a long 4 year journey on Uber, I'm sharing this in hopes to save someone a lot of time! I wish I had done these things from day 1.
  7. nick caronn

    2010 Cars and Airport Pick Up DRAMA

    Its not really that dramatic, but it sucks that we arent supposed to be able to get airport pickups if our car is 2010 or older. You can go TO the airport, so why not FRO? What a bummer. So Uber sent me some 2018 hang tags anyways, so I had to test things out ...
  8. nick caronn

    Use Uber to leverage other careers ! Come get some MOTIVATION!

    Hey whats up everyone, I'm just sharing some knowledge even though mods on uberpeople have just made it insane hard. They pretty much take down anything with a video in it and ban you... Even when you follow the rules so I guess even though its 2018 we need to keep this form to archaic text...