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  1. Attockpak1

    Another one bites the dust...

    Well ladies and gentlemen I have posted a few times that i am a graduate nursing student and now i can say I have graduated and met the state board of nursing requirements to sit for the certification exam... My degree will be conferred in 1st week of September and I should be allowed to take...
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    New uber feature

    Rate and tip yourself
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    So another member made a post about fatty liver and as expected everyone's thinks alcohol... well there is such a thing as non-alcohol fatty liver disease brought on by excessive central obesity... Anyway got me thinking how many of you guys and gals do your year physicals which include annual...
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    How many people do you have added to your ignore list?

    I got 11 on mine, only one I miss is @frankunderwood he was amusing.
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    1 million tesla robo taxis coming next year Everyone cash in on your retirement... .18 cents a mile cost to operate Charge 1 dollar a mile Projected income 30k per year...
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    Price rises incoming!!!! Tldr: Lyft has already on average raised prices by about 15%... articles states that duber and Lyft will have to answer to investors and public market pressure to show results... They envision 2...
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    All you lonely people out there Tldr: dude hopped in poop ride (wife to be was the driver) , met chick riding in poop ride... now they married... :wtf: So for all you looking for love take them poop rides... to meet your husband or...
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    March 25, LA uber and lyft drivers strike .60 cents per minute people... how in the hell do people live on that...? I wish there was a way to spread the word to other cities, strikes nationally would get us the...
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    2 less idiots in the gene pool Tldr: 3 stupid 16 year old drunk kids order uber... idiot driver shows up... kids offer 70 cash to let driver allow them to car surf. Kids decide 70 is too much so they offer 40... driver accepts... 2 stupid kids get on roof...1 records for...
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    Drunk uber driver - India Apparently guy orders uber, driver shows up drunk and drowsy... passenger moves driver to passenger seat and drives himself home... Also the driver in the app did not match the driver that showed up... I...
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    For the luls

  12. Attockpak1

    To you guys!

    Everyone on this board especially Jim1985 and all the drivers who fought and lobbied for today's victory, congrats to you all! Although I am a driver I am sorry to say I was unable to attend, I have clinical rotations that eat up my day and nights. Shootouts to FuberNYC jaybx17 Wardell Curry...
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    Return purse (poll)

    Had 3 people, long drive, accomodated music request, they were loud as hell put me in a bad mood... No tip, let purse, credit and bank cards, makeup, no cash. What would you do?
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    How to make money like a boss!

    Forgot link but pic says it all... where all the new people at, buy this don't listen to the people who tell you to buy cheap and old. With this you can make 3000 per week working part time making your own schedule.
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    #me two

    I was in NJ put DF on... got a fare... didn't realize I would get raped by fuber... Forgot to add this is probably punishment this was 2nd ride since last last may... #me2...
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    Iv accomplished my lifes goals

    Last night my dream was realized when I finally achieved the unicorn of fuber badges... I finally got the late nite hero bagde... I want to thank first and foremost for their guidance, I would like to thank the uber employees here who always encourage us to provide excellent...
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    Who's done it?

    How many of you guys try to convice lucrative or long distance pax to cancel ride and pay cash or credit card? I personally do it every chance I get. P.s. I know the apps can ban me... I don't care.
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    This vid is hilarious...
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    Uber drivers are dying?

    As of late this forum has been flooded with people accusing certain groups of destroying other groups livelyhoods...? I mean are uber drivers dropping dead because they can't afford food? walking around naked because can't afford clothing? Living in a tent because they can't afford rent...
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    If you could talk to your 18 year old self...

    What would you tell your 18 year old self? Would you be a different person today? Would you be doing some other line of work? Me... I would tell my 18 year old self to learn patience, it would have served me well. I would definitely be a different person today and most likely have finished...