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    August Ants Chat

    How are you all ants doing there? working already? bringing in good money? Personally I haven't turned on the driver app since March. Hope everyone stay safe.
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    What's your plan post COVID-19?

    My fellow ants, at this difficult time I am sure most of us do have lots of time to think about our future. This time we are lucky to get some help from the government, but due to the uncertainty of your income, what are you going to do after this ends?(well if it's going to end some day). are...
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    ATX Ant Chat Mar, 2020

    Hope everyone makes good money this month!
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    ATX Ant chat Jan 2020

    Happy New Year fellow ants, Happy New Decade too. Hope everyone makes good money this year even tho I see it not that easy. Or hope you guys find a good job and get out of full time Uber status.
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    ATX ant chat(Dec)

    As nobody putting this post, I will just do it. Thinking to work a bit today, uber on since 9 AM, not a single ping, not even x.
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    What takes Uber so long to follow Lyft cut

    So Lyft has successfully proven that drivers will drive for any money, even 40 cents/mile, take a guess when Uber will follow up with this? My guess is maybe around ACL.
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    Bye Felicia

    yesterday when I was on mopac driving home, got a select ping from far west, went to the house and waited for the pax. I didn’t notice that she had a husky since she was coming from the back. When she tried to get in with the dog I asked her whether it was a service dog, she said yes. But the...
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    Best fasten trip ever

    $216+$45 tips, went to San Antonio and came back. Guy booked with Uber, after picked him up, I was able to talk him to get a fasten account and rebooked. then I guess I will get the $30 referral too. He only paid $218+$45, uber was going to charge him one way for $137. He was happy so he gave...
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    120+ Drivers at ABIA

    Why all these guys so obsess with the airport? 2 hours wait for $12? But it did increase the rematch chance, last 4 of 5 got rematched.
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    how is the Uber Lux market?

    Got rear ended two days ago, insurance just total my car, thinking to get a new car, is anybody driving Uber Lux/RA luxury? how many requests do you get daily? I only drive 6-9 pm plus weekend, personally, I like smaller cars, but if the market is ok maybe I can get a used Benz E or Bmw 5?
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    some extra earning from ACL

    I drove the past 2 weekends, not as good as I imagined, but got some extra money. 5 uber passengers left their items in my car, 3 phones, wallet, and IDs. I do check after every trip but some of them slipped into to gap between seats, or floor, so I didn't even notice that.or the next passenger...
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    Have to say that local Austin people are better tippers

    In the past a few days, with all these out of town tourist coming for ACL, tipping ratio significantly dropped. Uber was around 20% now dropped to 5%, Lyft from 70% dropped to 30%. They can ask you everything, make you load all 5 luggages and don't bother to tip. doing some local pickups up...
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    Have to say that Lyft passengers are better tippers

    Did some runs last night. All 4 of 4 Lyft passengers tipped. Compare to uber 1 of 5 tipped. How about you guys?
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    I remember some of you guys love to drive in rain, come to Austin and make some money

    Last night almost whole night like this. I was curious so I went online, got pings nonstop from 25 minutes away. Come and get some money:D
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    love field

    So I was at love field today around 8 pm, got a ping, drove to TNC pick up. It was empty, Passenger not there, so I pulled in, called, they were standing by hotel shuttles, then they ran to me, when I opened the door tried to load their luggage, the "inspector" served me a ticket(he wrote it...
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    So uber is not only making money by up front pricing and not paying tolls

    I got a ride from near aac to dfw, somehow the system crashed they only paid me $8, I asked for a review, after that they made an adjustment to bring the whole fare to $16.58. Well normally it should be around that payout, but I did have time so I asked for a breakdown. First they just told me...
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    Moving to Austin in two weeks, advice?

    so I got an apt near lake line mall, will be moving in 15 days. Real job starts by Sep 1st, I have 3 months to make some money, since the job pay sucks, I need to get as many as I can in these 3 months. Just want to know Which company is currently offering more sign on bonus? And with how many...
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    Dfw is surging 2.2x

    so I was told that airport surge is limited to 2x?
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    is Cedar Park a good spot to do rideshare?

    Hi guys, I live in Dallas now but got a job opportunity in Austin, so I am thinking to move to Cedar Park, as some friends live there. Is this place a good spot to do rideshare? Now I am doing around 4 hrs a day in Dallas driving uber part time , in good days average $20/hr. But there are tons...
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    What happen with the airports?

    From Thursday, love field was surging all day long. DFW surged more than 10 times a day. Like yesterday afternoon, surged every hour. I picked up one surge and drove to 16 miles away, saw it was only 30 cars, drove back and got another surge run. Also normally it doesn't last long, but...