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    My new Investment office

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    Maximum Benefits Paid

    Anyone else get this? is there something we have to do on our end or it will renew? I started benefits in February 1596995788
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    PUA deal expected within days $400

    Looks like the magic number is $400 per week till December. here comes more cheese.Time to retire in Thailand ( once they open)
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    Did anyone BUY $KODK

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    I’m glad the $600 is over

    After doing more research it seems like 70% of people are making more on unemployment. I’m making less. These bums need to get back to work
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    Is anyone leaving Cali

    Does anyone plan to leave CA after the UI benefits are over? Seems like a lot of people are leaving that have“real” jobs but was wondering if any ants plan to leave now that you have some UI and EIDL
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    Those that got EIDL loan

    Did you ever get anything sent to your house from SBA for the loan paperwork? I only received a email and documents online. Did anyone get any actual documents sent to your house ?
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    $1.3 Billion in wage theft complaint Against Uber/Lyft

    Who else is apart of this with Rideshare United? I heard some have been contacted for small settlements but RDU doesn’t want anyone to settle. I’m in one arbitration against Uber and vs Lyft with RideshareUnited
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    Ants are back

    Looks like some drivers are trying to get a head start July 25
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    Spend the last 5 days in LA

    LA is pretty nice without the terrible traffic. You guys have a pretty good down here. I don’t see homeless people everywhere like I do in the Bay Area.
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    +600 PUA Extension

    So I heard today they will be extending PUA but for smaller amount. They will also have a “back to work” bonus. So now we know they will be extending. My guess the extension might be $400. Even for that I’m not driving
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    Life is Beautiful

    Life is good. How is everyone else doing ? Thank you Lyft for the paid vacations.
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    Los Cabos, Mexico

    Cabo is open for business. Has anyone been there the past couple of years? I need a vacation from my hard work and Lyft is paying for it. Any recommendations? My other option is Cancun
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    Has anyone been switched to UI?

    Has anyone else that originally applied for UI was denied then applied for PUA been recently switched to UI?
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    I was transferred to UI no longer PUA

    Woooooohoooooooooooooo The reason my status was canceled is because I was transferred to UI because EDD has determined I was an employee of Lyft. Full $450 baby!!!!!!!!!!!! Letsssssssss goooooo
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    EDD Benefits Canceled ?

    Has anyone seen this on there’s? Not sure if it’s some error with their update but now I can’t certify or anything.
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    PUA increase

    Is anyone else seeing a increase ? Mine increased today but not to full $450
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    Response from UI

    I wrote the auditor a email to see an update and here was her response. doesn’t seem like those that went to PUA after being denied UI are getting switched
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    Selling car in CA

    Well since my windfall with PUA I plan on selling my car and retiring in south America. My car registration has expired. Does anyone know if you need a valid registration to sell? I havent renewed since November 2019
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    Starting May 20 EDD UI Increase

    Looks like May 20 is the date EDD will do recalculations for those eligible for more than $167