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  1. Attockpak1

    48 years being a nurse

    God bless her, may God make it easy for those left behind. I lost 1 patient 2 days ago, symptoms are rapid. Stay home for as long as possible. I go back to work tomorrow and my wife is very upset but my profession is death and disease this is what I signed up for.
  2. Attockpak1

    Ok Coronavirus real serious (best explanation so far) I get it now...

    When you say our body doesnt recognize it we can't fight it... you dont understand our immune system, our immune systems fights anything that is not recognized as self or in some cases fights self in cases or autoimmune disorders. The reason this virus is more dangerous than the flu is it has...
  3. Attockpak1

    Uber Ant Gets Lysol-ed Cops Called

    That's why you need the face shield or laboratory goggles.
  4. Attockpak1

    Uber Ant Gets Lysol-ed Cops Called

    @unitxero Just to add a few things: the virus is spread through droplets so surgical mask with face shield is enough unless the virus is aerosolized through intubation, CPR, vents, nebulizers. Gloves do help prevent unecessary transmission through tactile transmission. Aerosolized agents are...
  5. Attockpak1

    Kobe killed in Cali helicopter crash

    Uber copter?
  6. Attockpak1

    Wolf of night shift!!!!

    Wow, OMG, dood! Does the wolf of night shift do lines of coke?
  7. Attockpak1

    The NY forum is the stupidest of all the city forums.

    The fact you took time to make a stupid post and then reply to my post says it all...
  8. Attockpak1

    Saw this on Waze

    What difference does it make you act like you can get to where you are going faster in those 10 car lengths... why are you in a rush as a cabby? Give pax time to raise a hand and let the meter roll... makes no sense why cabs drive like their hemmroids are on fire...
  9. Attockpak1

    The NY forum is the stupidest of all the city forums.

    Says the loser who is always argumentative and posts stupid posts like the one I'm replying too..
  10. Attockpak1

    Driver died in manhattans

    Who confirmed his death...? Did I miss the part where he was pronounced dead not 100% sure but once CPR is started it has to go on by law until an MD or certain states a nurse pronounces a person deceased. For all we know he is alive and well?
  11. Attockpak1

    Here's the new rule starting next week

    @Zubera What's Jennifer got to say?
  12. Attockpak1

    I worry what comes next

    Bad idea to mess with UN agenda as you know Guantanamo is still open and accepting residents.
  13. Attockpak1

    It's over for out of town drivers

    Spoken like a true inbred that popped out his sister cooch. You sound like an illiterate @@@@ who cant afford his addiction drugs, the shit you write here you sound like you own a fortune 500 company. I bet your too @@@@ing dumb to even get a GED... your stupid ass is dumb as @@@@ that's why...
  14. Attockpak1

    It's over for out of town drivers

    You're mad that you're uneducated and unemployable and so put the blame on immigrants because you have to compete with uneducated immigrants and cant make money... lmao if you were smart enough you would have gone to school and not had to worry about this problem... let me guess an immigrant ate...
  15. Attockpak1

    DONT BE LATE ! Biggest protest SEP 17

    And this is why nothing will ever change... you got one guy saying do it on a slow day... the who point of a strike is to cause pain and noise... you cant do either when there is no business... you have to make the app suffer... no jobs no profit... make noise... customers will notice long wait...
  16. Attockpak1

    We will not Forget! God bless those who lost everything 18 years ago!

    No mentions of ants or ant emoji or laughing emoji... I'm confused by the words I'm more use to the emoji communication.
  17. Attockpak1

    NO AB5 in NY

    Your points... we are already periodically evaluated after every fare it's called ratings... we are already subject to their policies, rules, and are already penalized for declining or canceling work...we are already "interviewed" ratings, car requirements, dmv history, back...
  18. Attockpak1

    Another one bites the dust...

    Probably around Novemberish when I get my DEA license :wink:
  19. Attockpak1

    Bqe lga bound blocked

    Damn "rubber neckers"... if people like watching accidents they should watch YouTube...
  20. Attockpak1

    Another one bites the dust...

    I hope for your sake and health we never meet at a healthcare institute because that would mean your suffering from health problems. I'm in psychiatry and so let's hope I never see you there in the acute ward because that would mean you lost it lol. Jokes aside all the best to you and your...