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  1. UsedToBeAPartner

    wow! Uber is now paying the big bucks!

    Receive $10 for each completed referral. To earn the referral reward, a referral must enter your Uber invite code during sign-up, must not have previously taken a trip on the Uber Driver app prior to referral, and must take 100 trips with 100 different riders within 90 days of signup
  2. UsedToBeAPartner

    Turning off location now stops Uber requests

    Well, the airport wait was a lot easier when I could just turn off my location on my Android phone and run errands while waiting for a ride. That's all over. I drove by the new lot at IAH to see just how bad it really is yesterday. There were 270 in the queue (holy crap!) and while in the...
  3. UsedToBeAPartner

    What the hell's up with surge?

    I haven't opened this new app when there was a surge. Now all I see is $1.25 or $4.25 or some other random number. Additionally, only a few of these show the lightening bolt surge symbol. What does this all mean and how do I know what I am going to get paid? Do I only get an extra $1.25 if I...
  4. UsedToBeAPartner

    Survey from Uber asking if I wanted to charge scooters!

    So have have gotten 2 surveys from Uber asking if I was aware of the scooter charging program and would I be interested in charging their electric scooter. I cannot repeat my responses but let's just say they were slightly weighted to the negative side. Has anyone else gotten this survey and...
  5. UsedToBeAPartner

    $600 for 50 ride guarantee

    I just got a notice that I would be guaranteed a $600 payout for 50 rides done in the next 30 days. That's a $12/ride guarantee. Anyone seeing this offer or are they targeting drivers who have not driven in a while? I could hang out downtown and take a bunch of 1-5 mile rides and still make...
  6. UsedToBeAPartner

    TV commercial....Uber moving forward

    What complete BS for our illustrious leader!
  7. UsedToBeAPartner

    California lowers drivers legal limit

    CA is/has/will pass a law that makes the legal alcohol limit for ride sharing drivers to .04 or about 1/2 the legal limit for non-professional drivers (we are all professionals, right?). Apparently Uber's strict zero tolerance policy is not enough to keep the drivers from drinking and driving so...
  8. UsedToBeAPartner

    Whew, that was close!

    I have been working full time since last May out of town. The job ended so I took some time off for myself and the little woman but we ended up back in Houston a couple of weeks ago. We had a couple of things we needed to do (like get the car inspected since we were out-of-town during the...
  9. UsedToBeAPartner

    I HATE Unions......anyone else ready to join?

    I have always considered Unions to be the scourge of the enterprising businessman/woman. However, Uber has somehow managed to skirt every regulation that would require a business person to pay a living wage. No one in any position of power seems willing to step up and force them to do the...
  10. UsedToBeAPartner

    Results of first ever Driver Advisory Forum. What a @@@@ing joke!

    This month, we hosted our first ever Driver Advisory Forum in San Francisco. On January 16, Uber leaders got the chance to meet 35 drivers from across the country and hear directly from them. Discussions focused on a variety of topics about Uber’s products, including earnings, support, and...
  11. UsedToBeAPartner

    Uber pays $100,000 to hacker who stole all of our information. Hackers stole the personal data of 57 million customers and drivers from Uber Technologies Inc., a massive breach that the company concealed for more than a year. This week, the...
  12. UsedToBeAPartner

    Drivers to be paid $15 to return items

    A news report here in FL is saying that Uber will now charge the rider $15 to have stuff returned to them by the driver and that this will be rolling out Nationwide. Has this happened in Houston and how is it supposed to work? Is there a mileage or time limit or does it still make sense to...
  13. UsedToBeAPartner

    Travis has officially resigned from Uber

    Yes, the wicked witch is officially dead. That's likely the reason in-app tipping was activated and why Uber is promising at least 1 major upgrade per month for the next 6 months. While they are a long way from anywhere, this might be the first glimmer of hope that someone with a little...
  14. UsedToBeAPartner

    Referral cut to shit?

    Invite a friend to drive - get $50 XXXX, Referring new drivers to Uber is a win-win for you and the friends you invite. For every person you refer to drive with Uber, you’ll get $50, and they’ll earn at least $200 guaranteed for their first 30 trips. Here's how it works. Once your friend...
  15. UsedToBeAPartner

    Destination Filter no longer works.---Appears to be fixed!

    I have been having issues with the filter since last Thursday. Just can't get a ride (any ride) while the filter is set. As a long time driver I know where to find a ride and I have been using the filter successfully since it was released. Today I did a test. I sat at 4105 McKinney and...
  16. UsedToBeAPartner

    checked out Delivery Fleet.

    Stopped by the Delivery Fleet office thinking I would onboard with them for Mother's Day flower delivery. Here are the details. You must pick up your flowers out 290 at the flower shop and take them to the delivery area on your dime. You get paid $5.50 per delivery and if anything gets...
  17. UsedToBeAPartner

    IAH ARA says "no shorts allowed"

    I was harassed by a female ARA at Terminal A today while waiting to pick up a pax. See was running off drivers who did not have a rider in sight and when I found mine (by phone call) she turned to me and said I could not wear shorts if I wanted to pick up at the airport. Of course, I said Yes...
  18. UsedToBeAPartner

    IAH TNC grace period

    New software feature now allows you to leave the IAH and Hobby TNC lot area and return withon 20 minutes without losing your place in the queue. Gives you a chance to get fuel or lunch without penalty. Sounds like a pretty good idea. They tired the pre-match thing before with mixed results.
  19. UsedToBeAPartner

    New Android software....Blech!

    I had issues with the Uber software all day today. The first trip would not process the payment and I could not get any rides with a destination set. If I set it for any ride anywhere I would get a ride but the payments still would not process. I tried everything including uninstall clear...
  20. UsedToBeAPartner

    The news needs more duck stories!

    Sorry, while this has nothing at all to do with Uber, I was watching NBC Nightly News tonight and there were stories about death and destruction and other stories along those lines. However, they ended the nightly news with a story about a school taking care of the ducks being hatched and led...