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  1. Whothought

    You have a lucky charm,what is it?

    If I told you mine it would change.
  2. Whothought

    Are Uber drivers smart enough to sign a contract.

    I just got stoned so forgive me. But seriously I think that Uber could be sued for over complicating a contract. Need feedback.... So many idiots have pen in hand. And now back to my regularly scheduled pipe load.
  3. Whothought

    Has anybody delivered to the White House?

    And did they tip?
  4. Whothought

    Poll Do you eat in your car

    I'm sure this is been asked before.
  5. Whothought

    POLL::Would you be happy to be in a viral video?

    Good or bad. Pax stealing your tips or you helping Grandma cross the street Yes? No?
  6. Whothought

    20000 Lyft rides Get $10000.00

    I will just put this here. The bonus program will provide one-time cash rewards to "recognize drivers who have contributed to our success." Drivers can use those cash bonuses to buy stock in its "directed share program" when the company goes public. Because drivers are independent contractors...
  7. Whothought

    Official Coors Light topic

    Your an independent contractor pick some up on the way home. Please drink responsibly.
  8. Whothought

    Do you screenshot every Pax

    I suggest we all do.
  9. Whothought

    How many times have you kicked Pax out

    To the f** curb? 4 times
  10. Whothought

    Sucker Club

  11. Whothought

    New app 2 Taps to go offline?

    Am I missing something?
  12. Whothought

    1 starred 4 of my Pax today

    Did five rides today got a $10 tip and my rating dropped. Well I feel much better now. Both apps on I'm heading home ping away m***********.
  13. Whothought

    Does ubereats deliver to the pig pen?

    Asking for all my friends.
  14. Whothought

    Define """Claim It""

    The passenger for your scheduled pickup at 6:30AM on Mon is counting on you. If you cannot complete the ride, please cancel so another driver can claim it. 4 out of the last 5 scheduled rides ($200.00 +) I ""Claimed"" I showed up for, a different driver drove up and pick them up. ////////...
  15. Whothought

    I promise

    To keep my acceptance rate low.
  16. Whothought

    Lyft scheduled rides

    Seems to be a complete hit-and-miss talk to support they told me they allow several drivers to claim the same ride. Bait and switch
  17. Whothought

    Enjoy your damaged car deactivation

    My schedule ride $57.00 got handed off to somebody else while I'm sitting here. Guy shows up damaged front end headlight busted out, I called up support for my cancellation fee and to find out what the f*** is going on. Support told me they would flag the driver for an inspection. Enjoy your...
  18. Whothought

    Uber you can piss off

  19. Whothought

    I complain to Uber on every trip about my earnings

    Thanks for reaching out,