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    Passengers can leave remarks for tip signs

    I guess Uber wants to find 0ut how many Drivers are asking for Tips "You know for Statistics".
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    Long Beach . . . .

    Long Beach is one huge USC. Filled with 2.65 $ Rides. Surge last for minutes and Pax are smart enough to wait it out. When I used to Drive if I end up there I go offline and run the hell out of there.
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    Downey, Norwalk, Bellflower

    I live in this area don't try it its all minimum ride and people wait It out and pick up is long.
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    Is there money to be made tonight???

    Worst Friday night since a long time going home and let my car rest a while
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    Yup this is my Last week Driving for Uber so trying to hit that 150 for 35 Ride. The only good thing came out of this was I only drove around 30 Miles and Got 20 $ Tip.
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    Falcon 360 for Sale 130 $

    Really? I have a 2010 Camry and I did not have this issue. But I have only used from January which was Winter and never got too hot.
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    I BET Y'all

    It dosnt matter for Uber. My guess is this was last time they planned and I think the next will come around 4th of July.
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    I BET Y'all

    Too early for many of them and too early for Weekend Warriors. Lets see how it holds after 4.00 PM PST. My Guess is no Surges.
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    I BET Y'all

    Uber succeeded what it wanted to achieve with this Promotion. They wanted No Surge and Lot of Drives for St Patricks Day, Today and tomorrow. Looking at how it went yesterday it looks like they were highly successful in their plan.
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    Falcon 360 for Sale 130 $

    Hello, Thanks for the Offer I guess I keep it probably record Crazy LA Drives. I can go down to 100 but anything below would be a loss for me and would be better to just keep it and use it. Dash cam is good even when not using for Ride Sharing.
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    Falcon 360 for Sale 130 $

    I know but I cant take that much of a Lose. If this does not sell then I will probably just keep it. I brought this from B&H at 150.
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    Falcon 360 for Sale 130 $

    Also It comes with Warranty incase of something happens to the Unit.
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    Falcon 360 for Sale 130 $

    Hello Uber, Mine is Scratch less still new with everything included and box is new as well and just brought before the last price but. I know if high but again you are getting almost like new with 20 $ off. I will post pictures once I get home and you will see its like new.
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    $500 Trick

    They just wanted to cover themselves for St Patricks Day with taking all the Rides Drives Get (Acceptance Rate). No Surge (So many Drives on every block) and all Pax get ride in minutes or ordering any where they are, What I hate about this is they were Successful. We sooooo many Drivers online...
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    Falcon 360 for Sale 130 $

    Hello Guys, As I used to mention in my Posts that I will be quitting Uber. The Time has come. Saturday 3/19/2016 will be last day with Uber. It was great while it lasted but refuse to work for below Minimum Wages. Anyways my best investment for my Uber Business was Falson 360 Dashcam. It has...
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    Uber is SMART this is Exactly what they wanted. Ruin everyone's night. St Patrick was supposed to be Surge Filled Night we Drivers earning more than Regular but yesterday was horrible. I have never in my life seen so so so so many Cars. With 500$ then 150$ and also 30$ Per hour promotions which...
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    Today is St Patricks Day I think there will be Surge. It will be interesting to see tomorrow and Saturday.
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    Why a Pro-Driver Guarantee now? A Theory...

    Hello, The revised options is good and that will increase the Drivers earning quite a lot compared to today but personally I think that the Major problem is 1000's over 1000's of Drivers on the Road even at these rates so imagine if the profit increases how many old and new Drives will join to...
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    Am I allowed to tip you?

    Hello, My reply is standard and I have done that to many people over the course, No Tip or Tips are Including is Uber creating a confusion so that Drivers do not get Tips. Drive highly appreciate Tips as we use our own Car and Gas and current Rates tare making Harder for Drivers to make profit.
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    The most powerful 500.00 ever.

    Damn it this was my Last week for Uber and I was hoping to get at least 500 Doing Thursday Friday and Saturday few hours specially with St Patricks Day coming up. Damn you Uber.