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  1. snoodles88

    Insight or Mondeo?

    Hi guys, Quick question... Hope its not daft. Anyone have any idea which would be more economical for doing X. About 500 miles a week. Or how much fuel costs would be roughly? Ball park figures are fine Insight 1.3 petrol hybrid Or Mondeo 2litre TDCi? Thanks
  2. snoodles88

    Cabmate / Claremont Executive Services - any one used these guys?

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has used Cabmate? I think they are also known as Claremont Executive Services. Thinking to put a deposit down to collect a car on Monday. Just wanted to know if anyone had any thing bad to say about them? Thanks in advance.
  3. snoodles88

    Taxi demo - 30th June - Palestra

    Just got an email from the guys over at the London Taxi Drivers Forum lol. They have a demo planned for tomorrow at Palestra SE1 (opposite Southwark Station). They will also be around 230 Blackfriars Rd. Best to avoid that area I think?