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  1. Choochie

    Any one else notice lots of calls from drug/alcohol rehab & medical riders

    Seems in the last few weeks more facilities are calling uber to drive alcohol/drug rehab clients home. They are paying the tab. On a side note, one of the pax was really ripe. Didn't like that and had to drive with the windows open to keep from gagging. Also I picked up a lady from the...
  2. Choochie

    Students gone - teachers back

    It's been extremely slow these past 2 days. Majority of students are gone and it is possible they onboarded teachers now adding more drivers and less pax. On another note, the app is acting strange today. Surges with no X or just X and no corresponding number. Anyone else having this issue...
  3. Choochie

    Another poor uber driver gets strangled

    Be careful out there especially with the drunks.... Better link
  4. Choochie

    Worcester rates slashed

    Guaranteed earnings start TODAY Last night, we sent out an email about new reduced fares in Worcester. You received a blank version of that email-sorry for the mix-up. We'll get right to it. We're reducing prices in Worcester to heat up more wintertime demand. Our goal is to keep your weekly...
  5. Choochie

    Cash fares accusation

    So I get this email and I know others have received this one. My question is: do you think this is a prelude to get rid of the driver or is it possible riders are really making these accusations? I have never asked anyone for cash or even a tip. I'm insulted. What is their angle? Hi We...
  6. Choochie

    Pax asks me to buy booze and drop it off

    So it's NYE and I finally get a surge request, only 1.6x but it was early still, 9:30. So next he cancels once and again 4 more times. He gave up on getting a non-surge Fare and a minute later, after they brainstorm he calls and says he really didn't want a ride, but wanted me to go to the...
  7. Choochie

    Address glitch

    This was happening late afternoon and I didn't update my iPhone yet, number only or number and street but no city. Good thing I knew my way around. The nav wasn't operating either, (Waze) even when I added street and city. Anyone have app problems tonight?
  8. Choochie

    Not Uberpool but better in Worcester

    I think this will be good if they have enough riders. With all the drivers I'm surprised they are rolling this out. LESS DOWNTIME An exciting update to trip requests is coming, designed to help you complete more trips and increase earnings. Starting today, you can accept your next...
  9. Choochie

    Pawtucket anyone?

    Got a call in Worcester -pax going to Pawtucket. When I got to providence it was surging but at those rates (.80 mile) I decided to dead it all the way back. Should have cancelled or made an agreement with pax. I wonder how many states we are allowed to drive in. So far RI and I thought...
  10. Choochie

    New rider safety features being rolled out

    Just heard on the news uber is rolling out a safety feature for riders. Essentially it will allow you to store emergency contact numbers to call who also will have your eta, drivers name and plate number should you need to send an alert. Seems like we are the only ones that are not given any...
  11. Choochie

    FYI update on uber/lyft at statehouse Tuesday 9/15
  12. Choochie

    Anyone going to the Guber appreciation luncheon?

    I will be going to the luncheon at the Sheraton Tara in Framingham on Wednesday. It will be great if we all meet and laugh. Who is going?
  13. Choochie

    Pax with small children

    Decided to drive for a few hours. First call pin in wrong location, been at these apts many times and always the same, so I text pax, are you in clubhouse (that's where the pin directs) or what bldg. number are you at. She says we'll be right down. Never answers my question. So I again request...
  14. Choochie

    New rates and XL added in Worcester

    I received an email yesterday as follows: The pricing for uberXL will be higher than uberX for Worcester partners. The prices for all trips in the Worcester market will be identical to the prices in Boston - which means wherever you have a rider in your car, you will always receive the same...
  15. Choochie

    Uber at courtyard Marriott Tuesday

    So let's all go down to the courtyard marriott in Worcester from 2:30-6:30 on Tuesday to see what uber is talking about. What, are they on a hiring frenzy again. Only getting a ping an hour as it is. The students might make a difference but not if they add a ton of drivers.
  16. Choochie

    1st time - long time since driving

    So I get out today with a few hours to spare and I turn on the app as I drive down the interstate. Low and behold a ping. Well I'm going east but the pick up is west, from the direction I came. So no big deal as I'm out to drive, even though I'm on my way to do some shopping but can always do...
  17. Choochie

    Uber needs help in MA

    So did anyone receive this? Are you going to help? HAHA! WE NEED YOUR HELP Yesterday, State Representative Michael Moran and State Senator Linda Dorcena Forry introduced H.4050, a bill that limits your ability to earn money with Uber. Tell us why you choose to partner with Uber and...
  18. Choochie

    New - statement in driver app

    Love the new in app statement. This keeps us able to track while on the go, if needed.
  19. Choochie

    Rocket cars on rider app

    With the new update I noticed when I go to the rider app in another "zone" the cars look like rockets. There are a rainbow of colors coming out the back. Do you think that signifies surge?
  20. Choochie

    Festival in Worcester last night

    Where were all those Boston drivers last night for the Worcester Food Festival. Nobody bit on that from what I could see. I saw the same number of cars as usual on the rider app. I didn't bother driving- didn't see any surges early on, but didn't bother looking at 9pm when it was supposed to...