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    Tax Return and what to provide accountant?

    Hi, Am new to this and preparing information to give to my accountant to submit a tax return. On the Uber site I note it has various sections with figures attached to them; Payment statements, invoices, partner invoices and tax summary. Is the quickest way just to print the tax summary or...
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    Selling taxi plate bracket

    Please note folks am selling a VIP systems plate bracket 063010 new, on EBay if anyone is interested PM me and I can send you link. Thanks.
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    uber Statements for Tax Return

    Hi, So new to the Uber business and just getting paperwork in order to submit to the accountant. I went to the Uber online site to determine the best way to print the statements. However, the statements are weekly and it’s quite a few pages for each week... am going to end up with a mountain...
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    Anyone bought from this guy? Was thinking of getting the twin plate holder. Thanks for any input.
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    What's the best way to stick taxi plates on?

    so the council have given me a VIP system universal size 4 platform, no sticky backing, with my PH plates. Now the diagram says to drill holes in the car which I would rather avoid. That leaves buying sticky backing from the same site or a bracket. What's your thoughts on what's best to use...
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    Anyone try Driver Shields?

    so I have been looking online re some protection for cabbies and came across driver shields which some of you may be aware of. Anyone experience of using this? It's like Perspex screen protection of varying sizes to suit various cars. Picture too large to upload and can't seem to link to it...
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    will my uncle get taxi insurance?

    so my uncle has just got his taxi licence and asked me to help him source insurance- he is not good on the ole computers.. I went onto a comparison site and put in his details, he has angina, has had a heart attack and high blood pressure. None of the companies came back with a quote. So my...
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    Is it worth buying Uber Exec car?

    My friend joined Uber about a year ago and drives a BMW- he says he is doing well as there is demand for Uber Exec. Obviously big price difference between an Exec car and normal one. What's your thoughts? Is the extra money worth it and just because you have such a car does Uber put you...