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  1. yomomma

    Drive Pass.....BS here we come

    And these ride share companies wonder why they are going to be regulated? Lol 1594397386 Wouldn't be case law; it would be in the labor statues. That is akin to saying to a factory worker, you will get paid more if you don't skip every product you pack, oh by the way, to get paid more you...
  2. yomomma

    Any news on PUA extension 600$ ?

    You ain't getting the PUA currently?
  3. yomomma

    What’s the mortgage payment on the EIDL ?

    Forget about inflation. Deflation is more worrisome.
  4. yomomma

    Why aren't uber/lyft paying hazard pay?

    I am surprised insurance companies are not skyrocketing premiums. This virus is a personal injury lawyer's wet dream.
  5. yomomma

    Did my first alcohol delivery on UberEats today !

    Aren't you getting EDD benefits?
  6. yomomma

    NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes Agrees To Biggest Contract In Sports History

    If the NFL allows the team owners to run the alternative anthem their revenues are done.
  7. yomomma

    So how many of you drivers got the virus ..?

    Shaky is the only dude I know of.
  8. yomomma

    Anyone getting delayed EDD payments?

    They have problems with payments in the past. Oh well.
  9. yomomma

    Anyone getting delayed EDD payments?

    No, it says paid for the benefits I claimed, but didn't see it reflected in the paid out. Last time I did it, I did it on a Sunday and got paid the next day. 1594138851 Yeah, I forgot to pluck the feathers.
  10. yomomma

    Anyone getting delayed EDD payments?

    Good to know. Gommment technical issues.
  11. yomomma

    Anyone getting delayed EDD payments?

    Filled in my benefits on Sunday, and still haven't seen shit. Usually it doesn't take this long?
  12. yomomma

    Demrokkkatics are going to lose.

    The fact that a man has dementia, and over 50% of Americans polled will vote for him, shows the insane asylum this country has become. Russia and China couldn't dream of a better scenario to take down this country.
  13. yomomma

    Uber Got Me.... Or I got myself and should have cancelled

    Your first ride was probably a technical glitch.
  14. yomomma

    Demrokkkatics are going to lose.

    Only person to disrupt the system was Trump. Yeah, he is not perfect, and his useless son-in-law enriched himself with loans from the Middle East. He was the only candidate who had the marketing skills to defeat the billion dollar marketing machine of Clinton. The problem is getting the wealth...
  15. yomomma

    uber eats question?

    Whenever the app tells you to take a photo, take the photo.
  16. yomomma

    CA extends Unemployment for 7 weeks

    From what I read, it is an extension. I guess it was triggered since Newsom was slow to re-open. So that is a positive move by him.
  17. yomomma


    Everyone is pretty mellow and smoking weed. No need to get riled up.
  18. yomomma

    CA extends Unemployment for 7 weeks

    Did going to church work for me? Or is this another fake news story.
  19. yomomma


    Didn't know that about OC. Nothing surprises me. I just follow what my Asian brothers in Taiwan and Korea are doing: wearing masks and keeping distance. I mean that is all we got, and shitheads here are not even doing that. 1593710501 China is a trip. They won't admit shit.
  20. yomomma

    Politics Gavin hypocrite Newsom

    All corporations behind this. They shipped the jobs overseas, import illegals for work, and own the communist media.