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  1. mwilsoncpd

    Ride-share driver shot last night in McDonald’s drive thru...
  2. mwilsoncpd

    PAX said I said a comment that was derogatory....

    I got a message 2 days ago from Uber that states a pax said I made them feel uncomfortable etc... I’m not perfect but I have never ever crossed the line as far as comments especially with me being a single male. If anything I am hyper vigilant about my comments. Another thing is that my score...
  3. mwilsoncpd

    Uber Select not available in the CLT market?

    I was in RDU this past week and my vehicle qualified for Uber “Select” —seems similar to Lyfts Lux option for riders; I had quite a few U ‘Select’ rides. Is anyone else familiar with this feature? I know we aren’t crawling the corporate ladder at Uber but I think the Charlotte market would use...
  4. mwilsoncpd

    Uber to go public in 2nd half of 2019
  5. mwilsoncpd

    App not working

    The app looks like it has been completely hacked. I can go online but everything else is not working. Anyone else??