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  1. MarioAndretti

    Show me yours I'll show you mine...

    I'm seeking out the best of the best. Post a screenshot of your weekly earnings & don't forget to have the weeks "time online" in the same screen shot. If you unaware of how to produce this screen shot click "earning this week" scroll down a little and you will find your earning & time in the...
  2. MarioAndretti

    Noob. How to stay out of Pittsburgh?

    Hmm idk if I believe your actually being efficient post up a screenshot of your weekly & don't forget to show the time too. I believe I've been the most efficient driver to hit the burgh...
  3. MarioAndretti

    Pax playing on phone - full brightness in front seat while on trip at night

    With a face like that, idk how you could possibly have a 4.88 js.
  4. MarioAndretti

    Airport que.

    what does it mean when the rings around the airport que number are lit up blue?
  5. MarioAndretti

    2 destinations?

    Am I the only one seeing this? 2 destinations? I was reading some of Chicagos threads a week ago & they said the same, went from 6 to 2 destinations.
  6. MarioAndretti

    Police on 376

    Anyone notice all the police on 376 this morning ?
  7. MarioAndretti

    Aspiring driver looking for rental/lease options

    You should probably talk to someone who is leasing before throwing numbers around. 3 years, 20%? Please do research!
  8. MarioAndretti


    What is the best & worst menu item at the sinoco made-to-order? Best I would say the BLT! Worst, anything that involves their chicken.
  9. MarioAndretti

    Uber says inspection is out of date

    Why didn't you give the vehicle back?
  10. MarioAndretti


    & im still the fastest in the game
  11. MarioAndretti

    Gas prices are up but uber rates stay the same

    If you put the pedal down hard and then let it coast you could save $$$$millions!!
  12. MarioAndretti

    Airport pickup advisors?

    Those guys that guide us in the pick up location at the airport mostly @@@@@@@@ especially the Mongolian looking dude. What is their purpose??
  13. MarioAndretti

    Unable to cash out???

    I cash out everyday & spend it the same night. You can't take it with you!
  14. MarioAndretti


    The key is Thursday nights. #freakscomeout Also... you guys are playing in the wrong sandbox. Just like any market the green line shifts. The hot place is Cranberry right now. Last two Friday nights I pulled in around $160 in under 5 hours. None stop rides! Don't be afraid to play in other...
  15. MarioAndretti

    A noob's perspective of UberEATS.

    Drive fast my friend. Real fast - M.A
  16. MarioAndretti

    New cell phone lot

    Got yelled at by airport security for driving through the new speed bumps! Oh well. I miss seeing those pretty girls at the gas station everyday during the wait...
  17. MarioAndretti

    Uber Pays Speeding Ticket

    Early Sunday morning I'm driving a few older women to church. They didn't want to miss a thing so they told me to "punch it". I'm in shady side going up Baum just breezing through like a hurricane. (Ladies loved it) saw lights behind me... pulled over cop says I was doing 67 in a 35... I said I...
  18. MarioAndretti

    Pitttsburgh market is over saturated with drivers

    Just drive FASTER ;)
  19. MarioAndretti

    Xchange Leasing BEST OPTION & WHY

    I Obtained a vehicle through Xchange idk if any of you have saw but they lost money & on their way out. WHY? It was a great deal for me. 1. LEASING A VEHICLE WITH NO MILAGE CAP. 2. VERY LITTLE DOWN PAYMENT 3. LOW WEEKLY PAYMENTS FOR A BRAND NEW CAR. 4. PAYMENTS ARE UNTAXED 5. AGAIN!! PAYMENTS...