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  1. Dannyyellowcab

    Meanwhile in Manhattan

    It's too hot , those hybrid cars not suited to be driven as taxi in 100 weather in bumper to bumper traffic
  2. Dannyyellowcab

    70 & York Ave.

    Did you see a lot of empty yellows ?
  3. Dannyyellowcab

    Driver killed by 16 year old girl!!

    That's a reason they invented partition . Yeah is sucks but it can save your life one day
  4. Dannyyellowcab

    Bad felling.

    Smells like stolen credit card
  5. Dannyyellowcab

    Finally caught a yellow fare to jfk.

    Gotta watch out ..glen is tough ghetto boy lol ... is glen kind of girls name ? Lmao
  6. Dannyyellowcab


    But it true though
  7. Dannyyellowcab


    My buddy owns s550 ...busted headlight ... dealer says 1000 dollars lmao...gotta watch out for glens in rented camries lol
  8. Dannyyellowcab

    23 cents per minute and 1.17 per mile are you making a living?

    Lucky I bought it very cheap , I got money from it few times as well . I am not selling it ...if anything I keep it as part of NYC history lmao ....may be sell it in 50 years like collective item or something lol
  9. Dannyyellowcab


    I mean buying and fixing parts not just oil and brakes . Cars die very quickly on NYC roads very quickly
  10. Dannyyellowcab


    Yeah dial7 has now cheapskates clients
  11. Dannyyellowcab


    Maintainince on benz very expensive
  12. Dannyyellowcab

    At 1.17 a miles uber drivers are getting less than half of yellow.

    How is that helps you making dollar a mile ???? You not doing any better then yellow ...oh wait you get those encouraging emails about being good driver and bunch of stars and badges ....lmao ...uber is like kindergarden/Boy Scout Club..gtfo....
  13. Dannyyellowcab

    Uber suv question??

    People in brand new escalades provide 5 dollars per rider bus sirvice . Did I answer your question?
  14. Dannyyellowcab

    Worthwhile ???

    Nooooo 40 cents a mile ???? Really bro . Irs car deduction is 55 cent per mile ... at 40 cent per mile you not making profit you do charity work .crazy how low people can step Like glen )
  15. Dannyyellowcab

    23 cents per minute and 1.17 per mile are you making a living?

    Again if you made 350 a week in Macdonald or some other $hitty job with no car , garbage credit and some A$$ hole boss , 800 a week plus keep some that nice car is step up . Problem too make ants for same crumb . I am in yellow doing just fine because half of the yellow parked without drivers ...
  16. Dannyyellowcab

    New Long Island Forum

    Once hoards of unlimited cars will flood Long Island that forum will be very active
  17. Dannyyellowcab

    Nom nom Jfk ice cream

    I stopped at battery park city to buy ice cream from truck like that , guy told me it's $7 for simple vanilla Sunday , damn they must be making killing with those prices . I didn't buy one but tourist did
  18. Dannyyellowcab

    God, why so slow?

    Why?????? Hmmmm may be because there unlimited amount ants looking for one crumb ... plus they all circling midtown thus creating gridlock . Little history lesson for uber dumb a$$es. Why there is medallion taxi system . In 1929 after market crush every joe from blow bought car and flooded...
  19. Dannyyellowcab

    Can somebody explain to me this..

    People who used to make 300 a week in McDonald's or foot locker . For them 800 even after 16 hours is step up . They are modern day slaves . Plus they can keep car , because they have bad credit they can't finance car outside of uber
  20. Dannyyellowcab

    Finally caught a yellow fare to jfk.

    He doesn't know how much money limo / yellow used to make . As said before, after fast food 300 a week , 800 a week in uber plus having to drive somewhat new Camry and keep it is step up for these people . His credit probably garbage so he can't even buy decent car outside of uber if he wanted