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    How anxious are we about Caronavirus?

    How exposed are we to COVID19? On a daily basis I pick up & drop off international & domestic travellers from the airports. I also transport health workers to our hospitals. Is it wrong to ask passengers to sit in the rear seat only? I think this is a legitimate request as my biggest fear is...
  2. C me a @@@@ then

    I'm loving the uber vs DiDi competition to persuade drivers to support them over the compitition. The response from uber has been overwhelming; *Bonus $$$ for 3 ride series *5% commission on rides after first 50 *$250 reward after 50 completed rides in the week Finally, we are being treated like...
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    No queue number in T4 holding pen!

    20 minutes sitting in the holding pen & no cue number this an uber ploy to "fudge" the real number of cars waiting? When I dropped passenger at terminal then checked to see how many cars waiting in pen it said 31-35. Get to pen & there's at least dou le that & no cue number...
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    DiDi launches in Brisbane. Uber on the backfoot

    Interesting story on the effect of compitition to Uber in the Brisbane market. It's having an effect across the country. Here in Perth, as of today, Uber is giving estimated trip duration & direction of route for drivers knowledge before accepting...but still charging up to 27% service fees...
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    What’s Happened to “short trip” priority at terminals?

    what’s happened to short trip notifications when cueing at the airport Accepted this trip with no notification it was less than 5klms & 5 minutes then returned too T1 parking only to go back to the ending the friggin cue as normal ?
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    Cancelling accepted rides...gone!

    Uber have now taken away the ability for a driver to cancel an accepted rider request. Once “a reason” is activated by the driver the app just “spins” in a nutural cycle of nothingness. It is now up to the rider to “cancel” once they realize the driver is not moving or heading in another...
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    False Surges...

    Now Uber provide false surge leads. Sittting in a 2.1 area for 10 minutes either side of me & get 3 pings within 4 minutes...with no surge premium! Cannot trust these feckers!!!
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    The last straw!

    until now, I’ve refrained from signing up with Ola but Uber have now forced me to do so. As of this morning Uber Have removed the ability to run the driver & rider platforms simultaneously on a single phone. Switch from driver app to rider app & it now renders you inactive on drivers app...
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    What happened to “short trip” notification at Airport hub???

    Typical Uber, change the rules as they see fit. Twice in a week they have given me a very short trip from T1. What happened to them offering the “4 hour” hold on your position in the que if you accept..?
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    set Destination button disappeared!!!

    had a usual “screen freeze” so closed app then restarted it. Surprise surprise, my set destination button has gone...WTF!!!
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    What are Uber doing to counter Ola...SFA!

    until now, I’ve resisted the need to consider driving for Ola. I figured that Uber would be prepared to loose a bit of market share knowing that in the long run, Ola will have difficulties. But I’m now of the opinion that Uber are in no way being proactive in engaging Its Driver network to...
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    Uber tactics against Ola

    i think I uncovered one of Uber’s tactics against Ola this morning. It’s no secret that Ola is relying on existing Uber drivers to provide there service. I mean, no one is going sign up with them to drive exclusively as Uber owns the market so you’d be foolish to do so, right. So Uber really...
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    Melbourne Cup Surge Fee “processing”..?

    played the game today & scored a surge (x2.9) fare from Burns Beach to Ascot with a stop in Kallaroo for a pickup. $124...kaching (& PB)! Clocked off & raced home to watch the horse I backed go out the back door...such is life Anyways, decide to “gloat” on the dtails of my PB ride & guess...
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    london's Falling...London's Falling...

    interesting times for our colleagues in London. Uber appeals over court ruling giving drivers benefits
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    7pm on a Saturday Night...where's the red!

    There is nothing more to exemplify the driver saturation that Uber have achieved than this screenshot. 12 months ago, this time on a Saturday night was bright orange! So the question a business model, is uber in a better position to increase revenue in the current situation or was it...
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    Evidence of F Class...What a Nightmare!

    so, I wake up this morning & get my act together & jump in the car around 5.30am. Click the app to go online but wtf...goes straight to "documents" which says I need to update evidence of F Class. Now my F Class runs concurrently with my driver's license which expires as it is a "class", like my...
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    So how is USelect working for all you UBlack driver's?

    EOFY so looking at trade in/trade up options. I'm assuming all you Uber Black driver's are nailing it now with to share?
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    Uber change the game again!

    just set my destination as the airport. Within 2 minutes got a request to T1. Pick up rider drive to destination & drop rider in 15 minutes. bewdy, got another 35 minutes on the clock to charge down canning hwy & hook another airport run...but! App tells me I've reached my destination &...
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    Uber "gunshy" on surge this month

    so I'm sitting parked up in Swanbourne when I get a ping for a ride in Dover St Scarborough...WTF! So being the entrepreneurial type, I go off line & head up the coast to Scabs whilst checking the rider app for available cars in the area...not a sole for 15 minutes! I sit on Hale Rd for 10...
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    Petrol prices versus rates

    lets roll back time almost 12 months to the time Tom White suggested one of the major factors in reducing the rates was the very low cost of fuel. Now, transport yourself back to the now & fuel prices have escalated 20-30% & according to latest news reports, are expected to go higher throughout...