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    A lady pax kissed me today ..

    I lost my remote key for altima 16.. whats the cheapest options?
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    Lost the key fab today. Advice

    Lost the key fab for the nissan altima 16 . Whats the cheapest options?
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    Need advice on hit and run

    Hit a double parked car with no hazard lights on at night ... broke the side mirror, didnt see driver so drove off but saw he was inside the car through the mirror.. got mixed up in the traffic and took an alley.. saw a car following me but not sure if it was the same car or not and dont know...
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    Need help on collision

    Hit a double parked car without hazard lights on a street broke the mirror and the driver was inside the car but i took off.. i am not sure if he got the chance to take a pic of my license plate.. what happens if he reports?
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    Dont wait in ewr

    Been in the ewr for 3 hours 17 minutes and counting and still 11-15 ahead of me... there were only 75 when i first came in... jfk @@@@ed me yesterday with pool and now ewr. Avoid waiting in airports.