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    super slowed summer uber driver? Fort myers , Naples

    ive noticed that this month the number of ride requests have dropped substantially ... and i mean crazy less, i could normally make 400 ish in under 20 hours and get constant ,0 , 5 , 10, sometimes up to 15 but not often, min between at most when i chose to drive... now i can sit in my house or...
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    Florida law on dash cam recording - inside and outside video/audio

    what is the law regarding dash cam video in florida ? is there some bs consent that is required for me to record people on my own property? most people notice it but just think its interesting - Do i just need to say - i got a dashcam there! for safety , do i even need to bring it up? i have...
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    tickets for uber drivers ? soo what does this mean now? i know this has been ongoing in some places but what should we do if they pull us over? will this kind of thing go away or get fixed? will uber pay the ticket ?
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    puke in car

    i know uber is good on billing people for puking in my car but my question here is should i if the damage is minor? it got on the door ,,, some in the cup holder and a little bit on the carpet- i was able to clean it with household supplies but it took me offline for 30 min should i charge...
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    drive in another state temporary ?

    my friend is going on a month long vacation to another state- can he still drive there? is there a way to get a temp license ?
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    i have a 4.59 rating and uber said i am at risk, what do i need to do?

    idk why i have a 4.59 rating i feel like its just some drunk @@@@@@@@ rating me low for no reason since most of my pax say they are giving me 5 stars , how quickly does uber go to deactivate ? whats the min i need to score?
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    Self defense tools and weapons

    As an uber driver you let strangers into your car so the chances of coming across someone who is a threat is much higher than normal- this is still the x <.01% of the pax you pick up but its still your health or life. weapon / tool ideas A inside facing dash cam will be worth its weight in...
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    tax deductions milage

    Hello i recently started driving and wanted to be sure i get the 0.56 or so per mile deductions as expenses for driving , what sort of log do i need to keep and what is allowed to be logged? can i log my milage when i turn on the app and log it again when it ends ( ideal simple method ). can i...