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    Is this real I do flex, but not whole foods

    9 stops instant offer. You won't make near $200. More like $90.
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    Please advise

    Why not just try them all and figure it out for yourself like we all did.
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    No Response from Amazon - Anyone?

    Do you see the "filter" option? Hit upcoming offers from the home screen then that the topic should say filter click that and select which station you want to see offers from. Your new so I guarantee you will get reserved blocks.
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    Your suggestions for a rookie

    Just get out there and go most people have been doing this for years and had to learn the hard way. This gig isn't that difficult. just go deliver, learn, improve, make mistakes, learn from them and you'll be fine.
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    How long until tips show up on Prime Now deliveries?

    I'm seeing them around 27 hours after your block time ends. Depends on how many stops you get but my experience the tips every kind of matched up with how much I got paid for that block.
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    Got a ping at the Hospital ER today...

    Oh yes they do take them to the ER. Have dropped there several times .
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    "you didn't pick up all your orders" email

    Got this email today from Amazon. Had one lady on a whole foods block tell me she ordered 2 cases of water. Explained that it isn't in my route. Then get this email. Why send this? The app won't let me swipe to finish until I get everything. There is no way to leave without scanning...
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    20 cases of water

    Was doing instant offers at whole foods and saw a stack of cases of water. Figured they just stack them there. Nope. 20 cases going to one stop. Would have declined this as the Prius can't handle that much weight. What kind of maniac orders that much? and whole foods you can quit patting...
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    Uber planning to pull services at PHX if City Council approves rate hikes

    . Uber and Lyft don't pay the fee. Passengers do. Who are you people that love new taxes? Recent California escapees?
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    Uber planning to pull services at PHX if City Council approves rate hikes

    Not when in your original documents you actually call it a fee. Then when called on it you just decide to call it something else. Typical Marxist semantics.
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    Picked up a girl that works for the insurance company and she handles Uber claims. She said that although it is against policy that ,of course Uber isn't going to risk the press off not paying a claim on a minor. She added the biggest risk they see are people trying to use old x-rays to claim...
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    Sure the parents have blame and shouldn't so that. But the true fault? The sub human willing to do this to a 15 year old. Or any age for that matter. It's almost like your are saying it's not the drivers fault. As if he can't control himself around teens so he is innocent here.
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    So the Uber driver that is willing to sexually assault a teen and being her home to drink didn't feel the need to comply with Uber policy? Color me shocked.
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    WMO Pick up Drop off

    This. Having all the lanes merge to 1 lane was idiotic. Especially mixing in the bus lane and people walking in between non stop.
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    Thanks for making drop-off worse

    Took a couple of guys at 8 am. No cars, in and out. Couple at noon. Took an hour to get out. Should have gone to Paradise and dropped at the dealership. Would have been furious if it was a short $3 ride and had to sit in that shit show.
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    Uber planning to pull services at PHX if City Council approves rate hikes

    You don't absorb your fee. End user always pays. You just charge a higher fare. What's with all these people on here backing the city council and cheering more taxes?
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    So i have a question about RICH people

    Explain that. What privilege was I born into?
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    So i have a question about RICH people

    Why is it just the rich that have to leave big tips? Don't you give the same service to everyone? Society isn't your problem. You are your problem.
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    another unaccompanied minor

    Had a kid question if I'm allowed to ask for is for an Uber ride. Checked Constitution and said yes I can. On a another. Middle school. Contacted Uber that she was under 18. They respond with " was it her account or her mom's account". Why does it matter? They end up pinging me again for...
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    Another phishing call

    Got this text. Nice no show fee so keep doing it.