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  1. LondonLuke

    UberEATs Has Crashed & Burned In My Area

    Many restaurant owners in my area of London have confirmed that their UberEATS orders are way down when compared with this time last year; I've been hearing figures of 70% less orders than expected through the app. We have a huge issue with illegal works in my area (who don't care about doing a...
  2. LondonLuke

    Minimum Effort Drivers Hurting Everyone?

    I’ve noticed a trend around my area that most drivers work with minimum effort and they can still surprisingly keep their job working with/for UberEats. For example they: Pickup orders 5-10 minutes late. Chat to their friends outside the restaurant for a few minutes before setting off. Don’t...
  3. LondonLuke

    Drivers Are Blocking Other Drivers From Receiving Orders

    I've been noticing a trend for the past four weeks that a Brazilian clique of drivers in my area (London) seem to have significant priority over me and certain other drivers. For example: There could be a dozen drivers parked within close proximity of a very popular restaurant (McDonalds) and...