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  1. Apollo

    Uber drivers on the way to be classified as employees.

    Just stumbled on this little beauty comrades.
  2. Apollo

    Are we due for a fare increase?

    Hi fellow ants.Its been a very long time since we have had a fare increase.Do you think we are due for one,or not.It's getting pretty tough trying to make ends meet with current rates.Any feedback will be much appreciated.
  3. Apollo

    Uber Select and Black to become one.

    I just got an email from the muppets that uber select ,uber black,and uber suck are going to become one.The main reason is pax are getting confused with all the options.
  4. Apollo

    Uber to launch sumbarine trips.

    The stupiditity of this company never ceases to amaze me.
  5. Apollo

    Uber account blocked.

    Just tried to log into the uber app and it said your account is blocked.Has anyone else experienced this blockage.
  6. Apollo

    Thanks Eminem for crazy surge last night.

    Did ok last night due to some crazy surge after Eminems concert at the G.Did anyone snare any 3.6x surge last night?
  7. Apollo

    Dee Snyder(Twisted Sister)

    Dee Snider from Twisted Sister is playing tonight at the Croxton Hotel.Keep your eyes around Thornbury around 11pm give or take.Should be some surge as well.
  8. Apollo

    Adelaide uber driver carjacked.

    Could the Adelaide uber driver be Who is John Galt? and the carjacker be Goatsheep ;)
  9. Apollo

    App gone mad.

    I turned my uber driver app on and it only displays a map of the world.Tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it, but same rubbish.Have any of you fellow ants experienced this rubbish.Please no trolling.;)
  10. Apollo

    John McEnroe.' You cannot be serious'

    Just received this.
  11. Apollo


    Just noticed that uberassist is showing up on open trips.Up until a few hours ago i only had Select or uberx/pool.Very strange.
  12. Apollo

    See you soon.

    I think Ubers new ad 'see you soon' is a complete disaster. They say on average an uber will be at your disposal in about 3 minutes.If yesterday is things to come the muppets at PMH will have egg all over their faces.From what i was told from a couple of passengers yesterday, they were waiting...
  13. Apollo

    Something went wrong

    Hi fellow ants.Twice now i have been denied a trip request.When i accept the pin i get a message saying something went wrong.Anyone else have this fate happen to them.
  14. Apollo

    Uberpool commission to be slashed.

    Just received this.Will make no difference to me as i will never do a pool trip.
  15. Apollo

    Did Anyone get this $50 promo.

    Hi i just got this in my email.
  16. Apollo

    Picked up a real whacko last night.

    I picked up this 19 year old male last night.Gets in my car and i give him the old Jim greetings(sorry i mean Apollo;))I said hello and he responds i'm a very private person.Ok then i said what do you do.'I'd rather not say there are to many bad people out there'Yes he was a real whack job.Gave...
  17. Apollo

    Apologies from uber.

    I just received this.
  18. Apollo

    Uber Beacon.

    Just received this crap invitation.Did anyone else receive this rubbish.
  19. Apollo

    Just received my uber sticker.

    Hi forum members and trolls.I just received my uber sticker.It's about 5 inches:oops: by 5 inches.The good thing is you can remove it from the windscreen when you are offline.
  20. Apollo

    Roundtable meeting.

    After 3 and half years driving for uber i've just got my first roundtable invite.Question is should i go and give these stringed up dummies a piece of my mind.;)