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  1. danielNUber

    Uber Driver Union/group/strategists?

    Most weekends I see a group of Uber Drivers meet up at QT stations in and around Tempe and Old Town during peak surge nights. They all know each other. They usually have at least one person who, like a dispatcher, calls and texts out to their group of drivers where surging is taking place and...
  2. danielNUber

    smooth driving?

    So the app just got more invasive and creepy or am i misunderstanding this?
  3. danielNUber

    We are NOT Babysitters, Uber!

    I get nauseated at the thought of having to put up with spoiled Scottsdale and ASU students who are entitled, young, pathetic and think my vehicle as a extension to their party! Im taking out the car chargers, aux chord and only offering water to those who ask politely. 10 of the 30 hours i...
  4. danielNUber


    XL drivers in North West valley listen up! Plz! U guys want to make real money starting now? I see 4 XL in Surprise right now sitting stationary with app on! Then there is the snake pit pill all over WestGate. TURN OFF YOUR APPS AND WATCH THE SURGE GROWWWWW! There will be allot more XL here...
  5. danielNUber


    Uber promo to get ASU students cheap fares to last how many more nights? I drive nights only till 4 or 5 AM Thurs-Sunday. Been driving 6 months. Made it through Summer by upgrading SUV to 3rd row option for XL. EVERY TIME i work on effective placement for surge hikes and i do allot of waiting...