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  1. ubershiza

    Mattress firm smh

    Why no just sleep in one of the many yellows that are parked at the garage...
  2. ubershiza

    Time for Plan B or is it C.

    It probably will be on camera so remember to crack a smile
  3. ubershiza

    Time for Plan B or is it C.

    Ain't gonna happen in NYC!
  4. ubershiza

    The Uber torture will continue........

    "The Uber torture will continue........" Until everyone is making minimum wage
  5. ubershiza

    Check out WSJ
  6. ubershiza

    Via , $5 ,all nyc,lic , brooklyn starting tomorrow 11/08.

    MTA will still continue to be popular with the homeless.
  7. ubershiza

    So EmpireCLS reduced hourly pay for their drivers

    The whole industry is in the toilet courtesy of uber
  8. ubershiza

    after 9600 trips with uber ,i did it today.

    "after 9600 trips with uber ,i did it today." Hopefully you decided to find another occupation
  9. ubershiza

    Need ya’ll help

    Prayers for healing and wellness
  10. ubershiza

    Yellow going bankrupt

    Let's just sink the whole industry! Balance the playing field and issue 2 taxis for every Medallion and put another 13,000 taxis on the road.
  11. ubershiza

    Uber the new breeding ground for terrorists
  12. ubershiza

    Uber Stereotype

  13. ubershiza

    Any apps offering $$ incentive for using their base?.....

    Another jackass chasing the carrot
  14. ubershiza

    GEICO plans to offer commercial insurance

    Game over for them too
  15. ubershiza

    how s business?

  16. ubershiza

    The Writing Is On The Wall

    You can say that again!