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  1. KCDriver

    Everoytime I head home...

    I've experienced the same, but seems whenever I use destination mode I don't get any requests.
  2. KCDriver

    Kansas City market for UberSELECT, and Lyft Plus

    Just curious how it's working out for drivers with premium cars; is there much of a market or are you doing mostly Lyft & Uber X runs?. Here's my context, I'm getting ready to buy a new vehicle (I need..ok ok I want... one anyway, NOT specifically for ride share). I'm debating between my...
  3. KCDriver

    Question about insurance

    It was $12/month/per car for me to add TNC coverage. Totally worth it.
  4. KCDriver

    Air freshners

    So I've gotten a lot of commplinents from passengers on my air freshners. I use wonder wafers, 6 cents a piece changed out weekly. I use the clean car scent. It's less identifiable than most commercially available freshners and the passenger never sees it as it's under the drivers seat. Almost...
  5. KCDriver

    Between Westport and Downtown

    Westport is a huge pain in the ass, spend some time looking at the map to learn how to get into and out of the pickup zone when the roads are closed. Other than that your area is pretty decent.
  6. KCDriver

    Buying a car solely for Uber

    You’re absolutely right. Often times police departments have arrangements with taxi companies where the PD puts the first 100k miles on them, then they get repainted and new interiors and the taxi company puts 150k miles on them then their sold. All planned before the pd makes the purchase.
  7. KCDriver

    The big dash cam conundrum

    So I got my hands on the F800 today. Seems like a great dashcam for the road, but I was very disappointed that there was not a way to even manipulate it into recording within the vehicle. Also, the literature, even the box, implied that it was a dual camera; yet the second camera is a $99...
  8. KCDriver

    The UBER GPS: I believe it cheats the customer. What do you think?

    I use Waze. I tell my pax I'm using waze and to let me know if it doesn't show the best route.
  9. KCDriver

    Pandora disappeared from Uber driver app?

    It is working for me right now
  10. KCDriver

    The big dash cam conundrum

    The DrivePro 520 is another one I'm interested in; thoughts?
  11. KCDriver

    The big dash cam conundrum

    So there seems to be several dashcam threads but none have any good substance. I'm looking at the new blackvue dr650S-IR. I like that it doesn't have the screen, I want it small. I like that it has the ir rear camera. I read it takes 45 seconds to startup and doesn't mark incident footage. So...
  12. KCDriver

    Airport queue

    I’ve noticed that a 737 in the evening seems to have about 10 pax request a ride; does that seem about right or is it just a coincidence?
  13. KCDriver

    Tips Not Available

    I don’t have that card, thoughts?
  14. KCDriver

    Tips Not Available

    So I’m a new driver in Kansas City. I had a PAX rate me and then she claimed her screen showed “Driver has not enabled tips” What is that about, is it just an excuse or is there a setting somewhere I should be looking at.