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    Stopping for coffee

    I often pick up a PAX to take him to work. Invariably, he asks me to pull into a Timmies to get himself a coffee. Is that allowed? Am I paid for the time it takes while we queue up? What about my gas while I'm sitting there. What are the rules on this?
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    HST could kill Uber in Canada

    I completely agree. I used to collect and submit GST years ago as a small business. I had to do it every 3 months and it was a real nuisance. I certainly won't continue as a UBER driver once that starts, not for the paltry amount I'm getting right now. I worked 3 hours one day last week and...
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    HST could kill Uber in Canada

    There are two parts to this issue. 1. If UBER agrees to charge HST customer, this totally negates their claim that they are simply an App as opposed to a taxi company. They then have to comply with all the rules as other taxi companies in order to maintain a level playing field. 2. I think...
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    How Does Destination Timer Work?

    I've been using it every day for 2 weeks, set for 1 hour (with a real 20 minute drive home) and nothing! Not a single sniff. But then, I live in Oshawa where there aren't a ton of drivers and not many more users so what are the chances of finding a pax that happens to be going in roughly the...
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    How do you handle round-trips?

    Thanks everyone. Good advice.
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    How do you handle round-trips?

    I got a PAX who wanted to drive to a local mall. I got there and was about to end the trip when he said he wanted to go home. He said he had to pick up a parcel and would be back in 5 minutes. I waited and sure enough he came back, so I took him home. Then I found out that I only got paid for...
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    Why is your car perfect for Uber? Is there a perfect Uber car?

    Why is your car perfect for Uber? Is there a perfect Uber car?
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    Is it worth it?

    My problem is that I accept rides too quickly without looking at the pick-up point. Then I find myself on a stupid trip. Yesterday I accepted a ride that was 15 kilometers away and it turned out to be a kid standing outside a McDonalds waiting for a ride home. I got $3.00 for a 30 kilometer...