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  1. dgates01

    Seems like fares are worse today...

    Made worse with gas being about a buck more a gallon than just a few months ago.
  2. dgates01


    Yep, but that doesn't bode well for overall driver pay when two companies get together.
  3. dgates01

    Do you track customers and skip deliveries to poor tippers?

    IF you DO the job you're being paid to do, the tips will be there. The real problemn isn't lousy tippers, it's lousy drivers. 1593842432 Base pay has never been lower since they supposedly started paying us on the drive to the restaurant as well as the delivery. On some short runs, I've seen...
  4. dgates01

    Uber eats fares and tips today

    Whenever Uber says they've got a new and exciting pay plan for drivers, always be wary. You're now being paid on the way to the restaurant!...* ( * we've also lowered the base pay, yet again, so it won't mean anything.)
  5. dgates01

    Why or why not take double orders - stacked orders?

    Take 'em. TWO chances for a tip.
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    Postmates is on life support. Best to steer clear.
  7. dgates01

    Still no promotions for Uber Eats NJ.

    Usually a lack of promotions means they are saturated with drivers.
  8. dgates01

    Youre all being played for suckers.

    I hear ya.
  9. dgates01

    Youre all being played for suckers.

    Awesome. It's nice when the wait is factored into when you get the ping.
  10. dgates01

    Youre all being played for suckers.

    How was the wait?
  11. dgates01

    Youre all being played for suckers.

    That makes perfect sense, but of course the whiner newbie won't understand any of it.
  12. dgates01

    Youre all being played for suckers.

    Of course you're not going to get paid exactly as much as somebody else taking that second order instead. You're already going in that direction so why would they pay you twice the full rate? One thing you conveniently left out in your detailed rant is the chance to get two tips instead of one...
  13. dgates01

    Mandatory fase masks??

    Ironic, coming from the guy who won't fill drinks because he might catch or give the cooties.
  14. dgates01

    Uber has removed stacked delivery payout and tip details from the app and the website

    This is the Uber Eats forum. I've delivered some nasty looking food, but none of it has spit on me yet.
  15. dgates01

    Mother's Day Earnings

    Then those Mother's Day flowers turn into funeral flowers. It's a 2 for 1 deal. :wink:
  16. dgates01

    Algorithm Said I Was Being Naughty!

    That makes too much sense. He won't understand it.
  17. dgates01

    Mother's Day Earnings

    I was only out for a couple of hours and did well. I hadn't planned on working at all. The pings were insane. I couldn't decline them fast enough. SO many fast food places (McDonalds, Taco Bell, KFC) where I'd have to use the drive thru. So they got declined.
  18. dgates01

    Algorithm Said I Was Being Naughty!

    No, they want you to do the job you agreed to. Simple as that. I'll bet he wouldn't be too thrilled if he had ordered something and saw the driver was farting around delivering other food for other apps while his food got cold.
  19. dgates01

    Algorithm Said I Was Being Naughty!

    That's because he is