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    UberEATS is DONE

    They are pretty accurate. It usually takes less than the estimate if you are fast. Doordash and Skip have been dooing this for a while
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    Automated Speed Enforcement Cameras

    Its stupid because even 1km over the limit you will get a ticket... at least we are not Calgary yet
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    My Random Buber Night [Stories]

    Some adults still act like children i guess
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    Doing UBER with a Tesla Model 3

    Not bad i think they have a 7 year warrenty on them dont they? I would love to have a tesla but maybe when my vehicle dies in 10 years lol.
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    UberEATS is DONE

    I just changed every fluid in the car myself this weekend I have a truck so i did transfer case, differential fluid, transmission fluid brake fluid and coolant. All good to go now for a while. Nice and fresh new fluids
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    UberEATS is DONE

    Im glad they now tell how how much it is so you can decline the crap orders... so many peoples acceptance ratings are going to drop cause of crappy low pay orders... oh well 1593461210 Wirk now enjoy life later
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    Thought Durham was a poop hole? 1593460903 Damn 125,000 wonder what he was drivin? Civic probably
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    Street Changes -- Reduced Lanes & Bike Lanes [Toronto 2020]

    Well they are doing a good job of it.... soon nobody will want to drive there with all the traffic and construction. There only solution is to buold more 50 story condo buildings
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    Why is It So Slow? (Is it just me?)

    I think i had it back in January before it all started over here.... it was not fun thought i had bronchitis
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    Automated Speed Enforcement Cameras

    Calgary has photo radar everywhere.... even the cops have mini devices in their cars
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    New Car for U/L. Which Model To Buy?

    Toyota and Honda the best... I would also put the VW tdi engines up there but they are not epa compliant lol Did you experience any degradation of the battery?
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    UberEATS is DONE

    Meant to say retired... autocorrect
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    RE-OPENING Ontario Discussion [COVID-19]

    Just glad we are not the U.S. they are dealing with a second wave...their economy is screwed lol. Ive been keeping busy doing food deliveey and Instacart i didnt take the cerb.
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    The COVID-19 Coronavirus Thread

    I heard China wants to make a vaccine for the world.... I would never trust it from them after what just happened This virus will be around for a while too and will probably get more outbreaks in waves... we are all screwed
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    Automated Speed Enforcement On HOLD [COVID-19]

    I wouldn't dare do this on the 401.... you hit a pothole you are done and we know there are lots
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    Question For Those who still Drive Ridehail - Where do you Pee? [COVID-19]

    I just hop in the back seat, raise it up kneel down and go in a Gatorade bottle lol. I have tinted windows so nobody can see me.... just drive to an empty parking lot lol
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    COVID-19 Pulled The Pants Down On The GIG Economy.

    Yeah uber is just a side job for me so I like the flexibility of working when you want to
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    What The Hell Happened To Phone Prices in 2020?

    It's insane if someone is dumb enough to spend that much money.... than in 2 years it will just be obsolete anyway
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    Why is It So Slow? (Is it just me?)

    What is the 2k from? If its from EI no thanks I don't want to have to do reports that I'm looking for work.... I only do Uber part time anyway its not my full time job. I'm still working at my other job right now because its an essintial service.
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    Alcohol Delivery

    Yeah no thanks. You have to ask for the persons id and we probably won't be getting paid extra for it