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    Best times/places for surge ?

    I've heard there have been changes in the way surge is calculate or the amount payed. But was wondering what Philly area drivers experience as the best areas and locations for surge ? Especially interested in NON bar closing rides. Thanks
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    Blue Route Southbound Construction SUCKS

    Supposedly the construction is from 9am til 3pm. Its a parking lot out there 2 times i went there this past week heading soutnbound. WORST part is I find no less than 3 cars on the side of the road with no apparent problem. No accidents, no police, no fire, no tow trucks. WHAT THE HELL IS...
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    Opting out of Pool ??

    Saw in the driver app theres a thingy that shows you what rides your eligible for in my case it says XL, and then X and pool are lumped together. Does anyone know a way to opt out of pool ?? All i hear is bad situations or BAD pay and that its a large waste of time. Thoughts ?
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    Scheduled rides , how does it work ?

    So i've been off for several months and coming back into action. Don't know if scheduled rides are fully in effect and how they work for drivers ? Any advice please ? Thanks in advance !!
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    Uber scheduled rides ?

    your thoughts and expereinces please ?? i know Lyft is just starting this. Thanks
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    Scheduled rides with Lyft is now LIVE in Philly ??

    Just got a text and email about this. Also the cancellation for this is $10 and not $5. Just wanted to know if anyone has any experience with this ? Or your feedback? Not exactly sure how it works and if it's any good or not ? Thanks
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    cancellations and its effect on ratings?

    So i try not to cancel much but here are a few instances where i may. When its an uber pool request im increasingly cancelling (or accepting and cancelling) The question is does this affect my ratings with almighty Uber Also, ive bent the rules a bit because i'm tired of getting burnt. As...
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    this week 10 rides equal a 50 dollar bonus ! Anyone else get this ?

    Im curious to hear. Never got this one before. Seems too good to be true ! Thanks
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    does uber now default to POOL setting for the rider ?

    My son just came in from a trip to Vegas and tells me how cheap his uber rides were. Then went on to tell me that it defaulted to Pool, and then the driver opted to not pick up any other pool pings. Your thoughts ??
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    How many people are getting Uber eats and Uber pool requests in the philly NW suburbs?

    I'm signed up for both and thank god no eats yet and only a rare pool request here or there. Your thoughts and experiences ?
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    Anyone try Uber Eats yet in philly ?

    Just curious ?
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    Is the destination filter available and working in Philly ?

    Wondering if it works if its enabled here. Thanks !
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    need rideshare insurance suggestions

    For rideshare insurance ? Thoughts, suggestions ??
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    Uber XL as a legit way to avoid uber pool ?

    So right now i drive x and xl and am very against uber pool. And i know i have the ability to ask Uber to driver strictly x OR strictly XL, soooooooo why not request to drive XL ONLY and therefore logistically be unable to take uber pool riders while driving XL. Thoughts from other XL drivers ?
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    reviews on uber pool in Philly ???

    I haven't really driven in few weeks for various reasons including health. What are drivers reviews on Uber Pool in the philly area? I'm especially interested in West suburbs if that matters. I realize many/most riders wont want it in the suburbs. Thats what several have told me a few...
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    Arcade City in or coming to Philly ?

    Just heard about Arcade City. Your thoughts and comments ? Thanks
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    Ok this makes NO sense, why can surge go beyond 1.9 regularly, BUT cap at 1.9 in a freakin blizard?

    Nice Job UBER, makes ZERO SENSE !!!!! Ok this makes NO sense, why can surge go beyond 1.9 regularly, BUT cap at 1.9 in a freakin blizard?
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    VIP Driver means what exactly ?

    So i got a text today that says im a VIP driver, i presume based on my rating. So what does this mean for me ? Probably nothing im guessing ??
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    New driver here, need simplified advice on what forms to file for quarterly?

    So i started in October part time and have smaller amount of income. What do i need to file for quarterly self employment ? Both federal and state ?? Is it true the forms are due by 1/15 Thanks in advance ! Joe
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    What you expect on New years eve/New years eve day ?

    So i keep hearing that new years eve or new years eve day is the busiest day of the year. Can i get any other Uber drivers input on what you expect as far as surge and when it may start ? Also, i'm not sure when Uber started in Philly, so i don't know what happened last year if applicable ...