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  1. Adav

    Ultra music festival mar. 23-25-what incentives have you gotten

    Drive lyft and give rides for free tomorrow to the march
  2. Adav

    Dolphin mall

    Dumb asses.
  3. Adav

    Port Miami Terminal B

    It's a small place
  4. Adav

    Uber delivery... Yay or nay?

    Was worth it when it started. I didn't even want to do X. Everything went down hill as they hire and hire good luck
  5. Adav

    Uber Eats

    Anyone experience a slow down in delivery orders?
  6. Adav

    Only one ping in 3 hours on Postmates

    Everything is dead. Uber eats is dead
  7. Adav


  8. Adav

    new driver question
  9. Adav

    Shots Fired

    Shooting on the 826 also
  10. Adav

    It's about the Opportunity

    Make America Great
  11. Adav

    Ultra weekend 2017: Post important info here

  12. Adav

    Instant pay

    I got th same crap
  13. Adav

    Busiest week since Christmas

    You sleep in your car?
  14. Adav

    Ubering in a differing car

    Go for it pick up women and more uber pools
  15. Adav

    More complaints about drivers

    Un dress code ahora. Dile que they have to pay mas thats why you have to wear flip flop
  16. Adav

    Instant pay

    I just got this crap
  17. Adav

    Best times and locations for Uber Eats only drivers?

    Good luck in Brickell
  18. Adav

    Going to North Miami Beach April 7-19

    Not worth driving plus you would have to change your account