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  1. bigga519

    Masks from Uber

    Did anyone get their masks mailed to them from Uber yet? I got mine over the weekend and I was shocked to see they sent TEN hospital quality surgical masks. I definitely wasn’t expecting that. I work in a hospital and these are the same masks we use on my unit. I do instacart too and they...
  2. bigga519

    Route Unavailable

    Has anyone been having any uber gps issues the past couple days. I kept getting a “data search” message when I started a trip and then after a few minutes I would get a “route unavailable” message. This happen to anyone else??
  3. bigga519

    Manipulating Surge
  4. bigga519

    Uber Driver Quiet Mode
  5. bigga519

    $100 appreciation bonus

    Anyone else get this email...
  6. bigga519

    Uber driver in Florida shoots and kills man who chased him in truck, sheriff says

    Uber driver in Florida shoots and kills man who chased him in truck, sheriff says - NBC News
  7. bigga519

    No more gas card Looks like uber is getting rid of the gas card at the end of the month. I used it here and there but not regularly.
  8. bigga519

    Self driving uber kills pedestrian
  9. bigga519

    Front seat vs. Back seat

    Lately I’ve been having a lot of paxs telling me that a lot of other Uber drivers don’t want them sitting in the front seat. The drivers even go as far as to put a bunch of stuff in the front seat as a not so subtle hint to sit in the back lol. Me personally I don’t mind where the pax sits...
  10. bigga519

    New Years Eve

    Did anyone work New Year’s Eve and how did it go? I worked 12 hours from 4p-4a and averaged around $48 an hour. Pretty profitable night and surprisingly I barely picked up any drunks lol. Just the luck of the draw I guess.
  11. bigga519

    Long pickup fee

    Looks like uber is going to start paying out a per mile and per minute fee on pickups longer then 10 minutes away. Great idea but hopefully they keep it and don’t alter it like they did with the destination filter lol.
  12. bigga519

    New cell phone lot

    Well just found out tonight they moved the airport cellphone lot for uber/lyft. I didn't even receive an email/text about it! I was in the old lot wondering where everyone was and someone leaving was nice enough to let me know that the staging area had been moved. It's over in the authorized...
  13. bigga519

    Uber allowing tips!

    Finally!!! Woohoo! Bunch of other changes coming too but this is the biggest imo!
  14. bigga519

    8 hour uber trip Bills CB takes 8-hour, $932 Uber trip to practice Not wanting to miss a voluntary practice Monday, veteran Buffalo Bills cornerback Shareece Wright took about...
  15. bigga519

    Uber driver killed with machete and knife

    My wife showed me this article and now she practically wants to siphon gas out of my car and slash my tires so I can't uber....
  16. bigga519

    Cleaning Fee

    Well it finally happened, a pax threw up in my car. I knew it was just a matter of time. Picked them up in the south side of course, drunk central. They were all hammered but one in particular I could tell was on the verge of heaving and it didn't take long, about five minutes into the ride...
  17. bigga519

    Uber escort service

    I'm pretty sure, I'd say 90% sure, that I just drove a prostitute from one johns house to another johns house lol. There were certain signs that lead me to believe this, I won't get into specifics. Does this mean I get a cut of her take?! Lmao
  18. bigga519

    Cell phone lot blues

    The longer I'm in the cell phone lot, the longer I want to stay in the cell phone lot until I get a hit. What's wrong with me?! This cell phone lot is like a black hole lol.
  19. bigga519

    Steelers post game

    I'm having the hardest time trying to pick up riders after the Steelers games are over because of all the road closures and detours. I had a few cancel on me because I couldn't get to them. Are there alternate routes people are using that they could share with me? Even getting to the uber pick...