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  1. yurik

    Rideshare related company advertising

    I am walking through the PATH tunnel under rail tracks of Union Station and seeing Lyft ad 100 meters long along the wall. "You could be there already" with a Sim-City styled grafics. Ride share is a substitute for walking. Post your observations of quirky adds, rideshare related.
  2. yurik

    Why does Lolinator entitty asks for Help

    Do drones not Help each other?
  3. yurik

    my Blacklist

    finan a - calls 2 minutes after request: were are you? Millocent L - late for work, and speeding requested, eats I car no asking Ashish - wife always late and requests speeding
  4. yurik

    City cabs are picking up at Pearson Airport?

    Access to terminal 3 is blocked/slow by City cab and limo guys lining up into waiting area near for limos. Can we?
  5. yurik

    I was able to remove Eats/Deliveries.

    I had nasty spider web of boost for Eats on my map, which bugged me for the last half a year. I don't do Eats out of liability concerns. You can remove it by removing auto-subscription to eats. Stop by any RedLight hub.
  6. yurik

    Registered in extra municipalities outside of GTA,

    You need to take a rider on at least once every 30 days, in municipality you have PTC in. Greenlight Hub mentioned deactivation in case no rides were taken during 30 days in any particular inactive municipality.
  7. yurik

    Pond Rd. York University blocked due to strike

    Wait time at least 15 minutes just to get in. Wish you best.
  8. yurik

    Don't sell out. It is worth the risk.for all network entrepreneurs...

    I have to share this VICE video with all of you part-time drivers, analysts, economists, entrepreneurs, share-ers. I have listened and watched this and just loved it, even though it lasts 2 hours or so. The Third Industrial Revolution. ".. Now...
  9. yurik

    Only Select as company policy

    Picked up passenger going home "late" after restaurant at 10 pm. His business partner earlier couldn't get Select from Downtown core, got two Select cancelled on them by drivers. So they took a cab instead, which they hated. It appears there is a policy within some companies to take Select...
  10. yurik

    What is in your barf cleanup kit, trollinator asks

    Do you keep a Galon of water? I have it premixed with Maguires shampoo for random debris cleanup. How do you take care of human's stomack content before it glues itself to surfaces? How effective AutoGlim with biowaste?
  11. yurik

    Uber Freight

    Has anyone had any experience with Uber Freight? Is it available in US only?
  12. yurik

    Big Brother is killing tipping with rolling boost

    I have noticed that as soon as tipping was enabled, and we (i had) have started to receive tips, our uncle $Uber started doing rolling boost(1.1+1.2+1.3 in 2hour slots), to grab a bigger peace of pie. Riders have a certain price point in their mind of how much their are willing to pay for the...
  13. yurik

    'UPeople' costume party/show

    ...Just don't laugh out loud. Hear me out. I'd want to somehow to make readers of uberpeople be known to other drivers and riders, as well as boost revenue, entertain riders. I am proposing to have a costume show or 'make up', or mask night once a week. It is weird when 1 driver does it, but...
  14. yurik

    Pool pax with 5.0 ratings are new, be nice.

    Got ping 8 min away for Pool with 5.0 rating at 4:30 am. Very unusual. Nodriver else wanted to go there. Chess match begins. I am staying motionless. It appears pax doesn't know anything about how Uber Pool works. Cancelled uberPool and I got UberX ping from the same pax. Educate them to...