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    have you heard of this new non sense?

    Just when you thought you are dropping them off it will turn into a round trip most likely an annoying one at that Target—the store where women can wander the aisles aimlessly, coffee cup in hand and walk out with a hundred dollars' worth of things they didn’t realize they needed—is in the...
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    Dear filthy skateboarders hiding inside a garage

    was heading home after a ride out east and put on the DF got a call from a store arrive and the girl that called is not to be seen instead I see skateboarders after 2 mins one of them comes up and claims the ride and tells me the girl is inside the parking lot with bags so I assume shopping and...
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    Has this ever happened to one of you?

    picked up a nice lady at the airport, drove her to the hotel - 16 miles trip - before she gets out she says: oh myyy, I left my suitcase at the airport, can we go back since we had a nice conversation, it was fun to go back, wait for her to retrieve the case, then drive her back to the hotel...
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    OK - had a long day, low pay? here is one for a laugh

    My wife and I went into town and visited a shop. When we came out, there was a cop writing out a parking ticket. We went up to him and I said, "come on man, how about giving a senior citizen a break?" He ignored us and continued writing the ticket. I called him an "@@@@@@@." He glared at me...
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    who was dragged out to the desert towards Palmdale last night?

    the flash flood caused the train tracks to not work anymore, so the train go stranded, later trains got stranded too and they stopped train service altogether did anyone get dragged out to the desert towards Palmdale? wouldn't be good in the flash flood unless you drove an SUV and even then a...
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    Tonight is National Night out

    so for those of you trying to make a few $$$ there might be a few cars needed later tonight :rolleyes:
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    do not pick up Aaron at LAX - ever

    had a ping from this pax hole rating 4.6 get there, Terminal 7 and no address, keep doors locked and a woman shows up and I lower the window and she says Lyft? I said what is your name? she says Aaron, so I ask where are you going, so she mumbles some in the hood address and then orders me to...
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    How much would you charge?

    Was offered to go to San Diego, in my car by myself to pick up some documents and then return to LA it is a 325 miles round trip or thereabouts it is Comic Con down there so a ton of traffic is expected and what would you charge if you had such an offer no person, just me and picking up...
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    who was it? who delivered the baby?

    people are so cheap they take Uber or Lyft to the hospital instead of an ambulance I would not want to be that driver #MedicalIncident; 8:41PM; 12900 W Riverside Dr;; #ShermanOaks; Prior to LAFD arrival, the driver of a rideshare vehicle was primary assist for...
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    Ran into Travis Sunday

    once a year I guess I run into Travis so this time he argues with his girlfriend at the Oscar party seems the girl is a new girlfriend, he wanted to roam around by himself, she wanted to hang with him
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    Don't pick up pax in Pacoima right now

    a funny car chase ended the hoodlums jumped over fences, climbed roofs, entered houses with home owners inside and it is a guy and one or two women oy vey be safe
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    bad out there be careful - San Fernando road closed in Sun Valley

    8654 N SAN FERNANDO RD;; #SunValley; 10 vehicles stuck. Over a dozen firefighters from various apparatus quickly converged and rescued at least 8 people trapped by swift moving water. No one required hospital transport. San Fernando Rd x Tuxford St is impassable...
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    Bus stops - avoid them like the plague - will cost $$$

    so here is what happened got a ping on 4th in Santa Monica head over there, the couple I am picking up looks just like their lovely photo and they are ready for me right there at the bus stop, so I pull in, they jump in and we pull out short ride, sweet couple, and now a week later I receive a...
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    LA Marathon March 19 massive road closures from Dodgers to Santa Monica 6 am until well into the afternoon don't get stuck
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    so here is a slightly strange one

    had a pickup from a decent part of town close to Burbank, nice homes etc teens get in the car and off we go they are the usual teeny stand offish typical teens, nothing unusual they want to stop at the super market one of the guys walks back out as if he had a gun in his pocket gets in the...
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    Who knew

    there is UBERSKI and the rates are through the roof - we need to rent a chalet next year and be there for this as seen in Sundance
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    Monday morning at 11 am

    in case you are in the area, the Martin Luther King Parade is going on Monday Morning at 11 am just south of the 10 freeway
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    What are your favorite non fast food places to eat when on a break?

    I love the Asian supermarket on Sawtelle, just above Olympic, great Bento boxes (feels healthy) or Lemonade for their fresh salads and delicious sandwiches and stews and Alpine village for assorted heavy European fare wholefoods and Bristol Farms because they have parking, restrooms and hot...
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    these ants are everywhere

    I can't believe this Done for the day so I check whats going on at UP and guess what? this ant followed me home help hope you all had a decent day/night
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    Lyft games

    did some Lyft rides earlier tonight, about to drop off a pax, they tack on a new ride, after I dropped the guy off up comes the new one: surprise surprise, must be my xmas gift - not - a POO ride, drove towards it, pushed arrived and kept driving, the pax knew what to push next: C then more POO...