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  1. Melbourne Mod

    Mulder's deleted post

    That post was not deleted by Mulder. It was deleted based on T&C "Posting or soliciting for promo/referral codes is not allowed" The post was thus a reflection on the results of such action which UP does not want to encourage.
  2. Melbourne Mod

    How nice to see...

    ... the first page of threads padlock free :)
  3. Melbourne Mod

    A new forum - for suggestions and feedback

    See here: There is also a new one for Politics but I expect that to not be so relevant for Australian members - unless somebody wants to explain to the the rest of the world what took place here last week.
  4. Melbourne Mod

    Thread - House on Uber Earnings

    Short note best said. That thread has been reassigned to the "Other" forum as will future similar threads.