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  1. Melbourne Mod

    New Uber Earning Activity in the app This one predates
  2. Melbourne Mod

    Because it seems to be a FAQ

    Going nowhere
  3. Melbourne Mod

    No more Chinese tourists or students

    As they say in Rideshare :- Nothing good happens after midnight. In this thread, nothing good happened after lunch today. Edit: on reflection it should have been locked a lot earlier :(
  4. Melbourne Mod

    Uber driver suspended for publicly shaming passengers.

    Some things in life are certain. Debate involving The Middle East is one - to guarantee rabid opinions
  5. Melbourne Mod

    Wow! Covid Safety to the MAX!!

    The thread has morphed into something heading nowhere "nice"
  6. Melbourne Mod

    Quitting Uber

    It’s very unbecoming to feud with people on the internet like this. Actually sad.
  7. Melbourne Mod

    Hey Jack Malarkey.
  8. Melbourne Mod

    Why international students are good for Australia

    I'd clean it up - if that was possible.
  9. Melbourne Mod

    Allowed to have 5 people over, going to be a large increase in rides

    Really - who can be bothered?
  10. Melbourne Mod

    Where is magical D-River man?

    Last posted yesterday afternoon
  11. Melbourne Mod

    Should the government stop all flights coming from China

    Locking this thread is above my pay grade. Temporary move until I get an opinion from Admin. I hope you all remember that this is MY thread - it's was going to be the only Corona Virus thread back in the day when it all started, about a century ago.
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    When will we no longer be eligible for Jobkeeper?

    Please - there are threads existing
  13. Melbourne Mod

    Predictions for "life back to normal", here's why I think we're years away from back to normal

    Try this thread - it's basically the same topic.
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    Serious legit thread. Does anyone know how to cancel/declare income for jobseeker

    Ask on one of the operating JK or JS threads.
  15. Melbourne Mod

    Creepy Uber Driver Touches Woman's Legs

    The tribe has spoken. It's a fake. Surprise surprise.
  16. Melbourne Mod

    Jobkeeper $$$$ arrives

    Can we please use one of the numerous Jobkeeper threads running?
  17. Melbourne Mod

    Jobkeeper Criteria

    Hi Haidi - check existing threads on this topic and you will find your answer
  18. Melbourne Mod

    Jobkeeper Admin Step 2 & 3 due now

    We locked three Jobkeeper threads yesterday - can we keep it to those already running?