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  1. TrexG

    GG Phildo

    Phildo Any news on GG
  2. TrexG

    What's the story with Scottie B

    whatas the story with Scottie B? Is he a legend or a loser? Every time i jump on to the Melbourne forums he has at least five new threads open! What's the go
  3. TrexG

    Shofer update

    What's the news with Shofer? Has anything got better for them ?
  4. TrexG

    Where them OGs at?

    Dog UberPig Phildo haldriver Scarface Geely Gangster Potsy whocareaboutPAX Where them old fellas at? Feel free to tag any of the older posters.
  5. TrexG

    Filthy drivers everywhere

    I was driving down Hackett drive today. As you can imagine a very busy day at Matilda bay bring Easter and school holidays. Kids running around, uni students studying and walking on campus (yes, I know it's Sunday) at UWA. Lo and Behold! An Uber driver illegally parks his car on the UWA side of...
  6. TrexG

    Monday strike result?

    The other strike thread has gone off rail. What was the outcome of the strike in terms of surge wise? What are the talk back stations saying? Anything exceptional
  7. TrexG

    The Ol' GG

    Any updates on GG?
  8. TrexG

    Uber strike 2

    why was Uber strike thread locked ?
  9. TrexG

    Uber strike

    Our Uber driver friends successfully managed their first strike in Melbourne . A small step in the right direction is better than no step. I suggest those who are doing Uber full time or part time take the initiative to organise a strike against Uber and their explotation of drivers and the...
  10. TrexG

    This is what our pansy government should have done.

    Uber closes in Taiwan. This is what our government should have done to Uber!
  11. TrexG

    Paging Larrikin

    Larrikin havent seen you active on the forum lately?
  12. TrexG

    how about fuel

    Prices are sky rocketing. How are people still driving?
  13. TrexG

    Drive surge or don't drive at all

    being a numbers type of guy I've run the numbers again and 45-55% on average from your estimated payout goes straight into expenses. This doesn't include depreciation. At the current $1/km rate you're better off sitting at home doing nothing that running your car into the ground. Play the surge...
  14. TrexG

    Perth drivers are a bit loopy...

    Perth drivers aren't the sharpest. Looking over at the Melbourne forums drivers purposefully allow the surges to happen by actively going offline causing the surges to get darker and darker. Can't really say the same about Perth. Last night one of many times I was looking at the apps, saw a...
  15. TrexG

    Drug stops.

    How many of you guys done the old drug stop on way to destination? And how'd you deal with pax coming out of dealer house with half a gram in his hand lol
  16. TrexG

    Uber officially Sh!t

    As you may know. Hourly guarantee is now in Perth. Steps to totally destroy surges as we know it. Upfront pricing. Hourly guarantees, pool going to be here very soon. Uber is going to be major shits. Major shite. For those relying on this as a source of income it's probably best for you to...
  17. TrexG

    Surges not showing

    anybody else having this problem? Done whatever is physically possible to fix it but to no avail. Can't see any surges on driver app? Is this a new feature hahah
  18. TrexG

    Melbourne Cup

    Melbourne cup day, anything to anticipate? Predictions? Plans and strategy? Apparently from another driver you can make 500 plus tomorrow.
  19. TrexG

    Slower than ever.

    got back behind the wheel after a while of not driving. Is it me or is it even slower than before!!??
  20. TrexG

    Petrol prices!

    bloody hell how expensive is fuel. 1.07 best price yesterday, 1.04 today. No good!