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    Calgary Uber driver allegedly shouted threats, threw customers' groceries out of vehicle 1551156452
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    Driverless Cars Now Allowed On Ontario Roads.
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    Nissan Leaf sales collapse in Ontario after incentive axed
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    Canada has the worst wireless data cost in the world! Stop feeding those robbers! Get Freedom!
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    That's what I call *desperation*!

    Look what you've done, Uber! Poor guys...:(
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    No more 10% off Canadian Tire giftcards?

    I suspect that uber drivers made them cancel 10% discounted giftcards sales anymore. Gee, this forum has screwed up the Canadian Tire marketing policy! :D Last time I spent $1000 to save $100 on fuel. I should have spent more if I knew it's over. How much did you spend guys?
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    Husky joined Canadian Tire Triangle Program

    Now you can earn 5cents/litre of CT money at Husky gas stations as well if you pay with Triangle credit card. Husky network is considered as low cost gas provider with much more stations across Canada than CT . Good news before Christmas!
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    UberEats and Uberx stick together?

    I can't select either, only both or nothing. What's wrong?
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    Waiting lot is cheated with fake GPS emulation

    I suspect that increased full shitter situations are caused by fake gps manipulations with jailbroken phones especially after recent uber app upgrade, or organized merry-go-round pools within the main queue. I remember first days of shitter when even with 110-120 drivers you couldn't find a spot...
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    Cyclist vs driver clash in TD (video) P.S. Never ride a bike if your name is ... Mazda!))
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    No more rider paid amount info?

    I couldn't find this info in the new app. Is it taken away for easy cheating the drivers?
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    The lessons from the best Toronto uber driver ever

    Does anybody know Vish?
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    Ontario's new government kills EV rebates program Those who relied on incentives upon bying EV car are screwed up.:(
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    McDonald's is out of UberEats?

    I couldn't find McD in Ubereats right now.
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    Beware of fallen trees on the roads!

    Third line @ Upper middle in Oakville is closed due to the fallen trees. Weird weather! Guys drive safely and dont park under the trees!
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    Whats up in Port Credit?

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    Video of fatal self-driving Uber accident
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    The best tip I ever got at Uber

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    Uber tax webinar at 2pm march13