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    I was just chatting with a neighbor to see if she was driving uber again, she said yes and I said what about insurance and she said on the drivers app it reflects coverage so she does not need rideshare coverage. Can anyone elaborate on this coverage, she thinks she is covered, her vehicle is...
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    The New Class of UBER Ant

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    Uber Cuts 14% of Jobs During ‘Brutal’ Day as Pandemic Upends Sharing Economy
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    Is the $600 unemployment benefit taxable?

    Guess what was on the website? Yes, the extra $600 that the unemployed can receive as part of the expanded federal benefits is taxed by the federal government. Unemployment benefits are not taxable for New Jersey. F!co that a$$#ole in the WH.
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    Ok, its time for me to log out

    I have had enought of everyone me me me. I will be logging out of this forum after this post so Do Not reply because I will not be back until its back to normal.
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    My Gameroom Has Been Closed

    It is now my wifes work area since I cannot have the neighbors over for weekend fun.
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    Stimulus Payouts

    Just on the news, if your not setup for direct deposit with the IRS set it up now because they are planning to direct deposit any funds you are due. If you do not and want to receive a check it may take a long time.
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    Looks like a scam

    I did not request this. Must be a scam.
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    How to Make Hand Sanitizer Stop Buying and Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer at Home

    Here is my link for the book.
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    Be preprared for a major influx of NY Ants

    If NYC locks down and everyone must shelter in place every NY ant will run across the border.
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    National Emergency

    POTUS declared a National Emergency, everyone needs to put their heads between their legs and kiss their a$$ GOODBY.
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    Gold Teeth to Glasses: The Strange and Typical Items New Yorkers Forgot in Their Uber

    Interesting article
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    Your nightmare pickup at Costco

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    Travel Shutdown

    NJ announced all government travel, even to NY, has been shut dowmy. My son was scheduled to leave for India this Sunday on a government business trip for his project and it was cancelled. Now I will be able to get some restful sleep. He actually stopped using rideshare a while ago because they...
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    Uber and Lyft have a new ride-hailing rival in Myle
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    Uber loses battle to block new law

    Uber and Postmates have lost a bid to temporarily exempt their drivers from California’s new gig-worker law. A federal judge denied a request to block the enforcement of Assembly Bill 5, which aims to ensure independent contractors are treated like employees when it comes to wages and benefits...
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    Which One Is Worst

    Please choose.
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    Cash Tips

    Does anyone report cash tips when they do their taxes as required by law? LOL
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    Gas prices will start rising very soon.

    Saudis Weigh Large Oil Cuts in Response to Coronavirus